The Human Motorcycle -Body Paint and Photography

When asked to come up with some new promo material for the Progressive International Motorcycle Show that was creative, racy, and original, I.D.E.A  met the challenge. By teaming up with Trina Merry, a body paint artist, and Juan Moreno, the photographer for the day, the team was able to create the motorcycles by using human bodies.

By using yoga gurus and carefully placed body paint, the I.D.E.A. team was able to put together 3 different motorcycles to shoot. I cant imagine what it must of felt like to try and hold these yoga poses for the duration of the photo shoot, but the end results look phenomenal.




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RUSS's picture

:-) That's just awesome. 

Shannon Wimberly's picture

ha!   I have motorcycle ads showing up underneath this article.....

 I have car-motorbike insurances... should i interpret that as i can't drive :D lol

David O'Connell's picture

Phenomenal! I've worked with some of the worlds top body painters over the past 5 years and have never seen anything like this. 

Vinny Bhaskar's picture

Splendid! Creativity at it's best!

Rodolfo Hernandez's picture

Top Drawer Project that is creative masterpiece

Ruben Vasquez's picture

Now THAT is cool as hell!

Edith Canon's picture

Those are amazing! That work of art is just so intelligent and brilliant. Great job to the artist and to the one whose got the idea to put this all up.<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>