Photoshoot With One Of The Rarest Ferrari Collections In The World

Photographer Clint Davis recently had the opportunity to visit the Bachman Collection, which houses at least 40 rare Italian ponies, while on his first assignment for Forza Magazine. Lucky bastard. Watch the video above and read below to not only see the how this incredible photoshoot was put together and capture a glimpse of a rarely seen car collection in the process.

As Clint told me:

Ferrari, what many consider the holy grail of automotive bliss, has a special aura about them. Despite my niche being automotive photography, I can count on one hand how many Ferraris I've seen in the South. So when I got my first assignment from Forza Magazine ( to shoot and write about the distinguished Bachman collection, I had to prepare my brain for candystore overload. The Bachman collection consists of at least 40 Ferraris (the family did not disclose the actual number), most of which are yellow, and the final production model in a given series... not to mention a pair of mint F40s, a 288 GTO, the last boxer, and the only original yellow FXX ever built, to name a few.

Shooting wise, this was an editorial piece, so I pulled out my lightweight Canon 5DMKIII. Considering the sheer amount of content that needed to be shot, it was crucial that I was able to move around as quick as possible to grab as many shots in a 7hr window... not to mention dedicate time to delve into the minds of the Bachman family to write the article. After taking the standard garage shots, I had to narrow the collection down to 5 yellow cars for some serious shooting outside the garage. Those hard choices were primarily dictated by year and significance:
1967 275 GTB/4 (Classic alloy-bodied car)
1984 308 GTS Quattrovalvole (Mr. Bachman's first Ferrari)
1996 F512 M (Final version of Testarossa)
2005 360  Challenge Stradale (2000 era)
2007 FXX (Pure Adulterated Insanity)
We corralled the Ferraris to some rural country areas, a historic downtown street, and ended at a local airstrip with a ridiculously beautiful sunset. To be honest, taking good pictures of these cars is about as easy as falling into water from a boat. The main accessory I used was a circular polarizer to control reflections, and a tripod when setting up rare staged shots... That's it. Inspired by my friend Linhbergh (, I edited this set completely in Adobe Lightroom, minus a few minor tweaks in Photoshop. I try not to process editorial work too much, which is a nice break from the usual advertising jobs.
Check out some of these before and after animated gif's (below) which showcase Clint's clean post production process. This shoot really showcases what you can do with natural light and a great understanding for design and environemnt. My understanding is that he did most of his post production in Lightroom.
Clint's website:
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thomasbullock's picture

Amazing, what an opportunity!

gabe s's picture

I'm guessing the computer screen does not do these cars justice. Being on location at that sunset must have been amazing.

Clint Davis's picture

Pure bliss. It would of been a crime for me to at least not set up a few shots on a tripod to get that non-grainy buttery goodness. The entire shoot was humbling and unforgettable.

gabe s's picture

I've admired your work for a while. Thanks Clint. How did they maneuver the cars around?

Savi You's picture

Not only does he own 40 some Ferraris, but they're all yellow and the final production model of each series. What exactly does Mr. Bachman do?

Clint Davis's picture

Check out the article on Forza:
I know Mr. Bachman started with a single Pontiac dealership, and now owns multiple in the Tennessee region.

Jennifer Kelley's picture

This article is a hot item in my office today. My boss is a Ferrari guy. His brother is a photography client. I have a shoot coming up with several red classic mustangs. He's asking if Clint is local >.<

Christian Berens's picture

That is an incredible selection and I love how casual Clint is lol

I live fairly close to "middle of nowhere" Tennessee, I would've been a light holder, assistant, water boy, lens cap holder!!

Thanks for sharing, those photos are amazing and crisp and simplistic but amazing. I can see many of those being posters on a wall for thousands of kids :) Great job!

Sara Smoot's picture

I watched that video twice back to back.
Those cars... AMAZING!
The photos and video were very much eye candy also;) love it

Digital Macdaddy's picture

What an awesome opportunity Clint, big fan of your work!

Austin Burke's picture

Man I love this for so many reasons.The cars, the collection, the photos, and the amazing post production work. I really wish I knew how that beautiful natural look is achieved. Looks like I need to practice my post workflow

Ross Jukes's picture

As a 'wanna-be' car photographer myself, this is the stuff my dreams are made of! Incredible opportunity and excellently executed, great work... you can see my attempts at

Oscar De La Villa Jr's picture

Such a great opportunity. Wonderful article Douglas!

Mark Kauzlarich's picture

Interesting article but it needs to be said, the website really needs some copy editing. First sentence, two errors in spelling/capitalization. If you want to keep the site elevated to the highest level, that should be something of a priority.

michael buehrle's picture

that guy has a serious ferrari problem. can't imagine the scratch he spent on all of those.

Mark Schueler's picture

Those cars are so effing sick, and the photography makes them look fantastic.

Wilson Machuca's picture

Wow!! Great job.