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1950's Photoshop: Pin-Up Girls Before And After

Ever wonder about the process that went on behind the scenes of those classic pin-up images that adorned the noses of bombers and the walls of soldiers barracks in the 1940's and 50's? Well check out these great before and after images of 1950's pin-up girls which gives you a sneak peak of the photograph that came before the artists rendering.

Check out more of these images HERE.

From Nick:

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As an addendum: They did those images in illustration form instead of photographs, because photographs would be considered pornography, which was illegal. 

I saw it on Pawn Stars :P

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This is a great post. I'd like to more of the post work flow.

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the kissey faces they are making is hilarious.

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 retro duck face

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Old school liquify tool!

50's photoshop.

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I don't think these images are being used with the artists permission.

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you dont need artists permission,,its call public domain

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 It's also called sarcasm.

Ah! How refreshing! What real women are supposed to look like! Real Curves!! I love the pin-up ages, very inspiring. Thanks for the share!

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I'm a VERY small business...I use images to make charms (Glass with image behind that I solder) ... I have been desperately searching for a way to confirm whether or not certain vintage PinUps are in public domain.

I am finding conflicting information and was hoping that you might share the route you took to confirm Public domain status on these images.

I would be most grateful!