Photoshop: My Luminosity Range Control Action Explained

I'm back today with another utility Action for you all to download, for free, and see how it works for you. It deals with luminosity mask level control of what I often call the Big Three of image control: highlights, mids, and shadows. It's the most common use of luminosity masks, so, why not streamline it into an Action?

I find that this is great for color correcting, color grading/styling, or even quick test edits on the fly. While it is a fairly flexible Action, I do recommend that you run it after you finish all your clean up (including liquify, if applicable) as the results are luminosity based and won't work right if you make major changes after the fact. 

Of course, this new Action isn't the only method I use when applying color work to an image, but it is still a very useful tool overall for controlling the three main ranges of your image. I strongly recommend watching the video tutorial above (or on my YouTube channel) to get the full explanation of how you can use and modify the Action, but by all means try it out and let me know if it works for you (or if you run into any problems with it.)

Below are what luminosity masks can look like — but how are they used? Oh, in many, many ways. This is but the tip of the iceberg if you're new to luminosity control:

Download the Action here (yes, it's free) and by all means, tell the world if you love it:

Download Action

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Nissor Abdourazakov's picture

Thank you Nino. Love your videos, keep going to do them.

Nino Batista's picture

Thanks tons!

xavier leonti's picture

sweeeet ))

Mark Colangelo's picture

Lovely video as usual Nino, but... why all characters in your photoshop menus are almost illegible ? :(

Nino Batista's picture

Unsure. Had some issues upon exporting the final video, and admittedly uploaded it in haste. I noticed it well after the fact. Apologies!

Peter Brody's picture

Good Lord. I'll stick to Lightroom. I can do far more with it than I ever could in the darkroom. That is far too computer geek for me.

Funny how Adobe doesn't take that core functionality and make it into simple to use tools.

Nino Batista's picture

Funny you should mention that...

Peter Brody's picture

More rhetorical since I have always felt Adobe has purposely kept Photoshop much more complicated and difficult to use. A shame since the core functionality is so capable and impressive.

Good video Nino, by the way. Very nicely presented. I meant to say that before.

joe stemmer's picture

Great video, Thanks! Another tool for the toolbox.

Ben Anderson's picture

Nice action. Thanks for allowing me to use it!