Visual Storytelling, Intimate Imagery, and Patreon

Visual Storytelling, Intimate Imagery, and Patreon

This article contains media that the editors have flagged as NSFW.

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Photographers seek to tell stories through captured moments and let each frame unfurl a greater scene and narrative. As content creators explore new scenes and concepts, the growth of Patreon is undeniable.

Someone wiser than myself once said (and I'm paraphrasing here) that when traditional social media channels and platforms aren't able to support a specific vision or project (more adult oriented content for example) then content creators are left to explore alternative options. Enter Patreon and other subscription-style content delivery platforms. More than just the nature of the content itself, platform models such as Patreon are able to offer a business system and potential new revenue stream for creators that the traditional social media channels don't offer.

Imagine a story of travel, time spent on the road, laughter, life, and love with your partner in crime. Picture wanting to document and share your stories and experiences with a larger audience. When Instagram and Facebook aren't able to tell your story or deliver the narrative you're looking to share, a content delivery platform like Patreon makes perfect sense. One such endeavor is the new personal project of the model, photographer, educator, and editor team of Josie Fox and Nino Batista simply titled, “Camino Encantado.” Described as a liberating and expressive venture, with an emphasis on imagery and art stories, this is the type of content that seems perfectly suited for the Patreon-style platforms. 

The attractive aspects of Patreon and Patreon-like content systems are pretty simple and straightforward for creators. These platforms allow artists to set their own goals, tiers or monthly subscriptions, pricing structures, and content packages. Tiered options allow creators a way to offer different degrees of content to supports to choose from while subscription-based models allow supporters content access a la Netflix-style subscription. 

These platforms are an outlet for artists to offer content that is either exclusive by design or by nature of the content (anything featuring nudity for example doesn't fly on Instagram and Facebook). Supporters and fans are given a more direct way to support favorite artists or creators, which is one of the most appealing aspects of these platforms. While these content experiences aren't exactly new, they seem to have been growing at an incredible rate as the social media landscape continues to evolve and the big players continue to quash organic content in favor of sponsored advertising.

Do you have personal experience with any of these styled platforms? Do you feel that this a positive way for artists to both create and share content while looking to generate financial support? Leave a comment down below.

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Bokeh Master's picture

sounds/looks like people trying to sell "artistic nudes" only.

Evan Kane's picture

Thanks for the comment Bokeh Master, much appreciated!

Why have you got artistic nudes in quotes?

Bokeh Master's picture

yes, because there is much more opportunity and your article only highlights only one side. you have reddit for creeps. Don't turn patreon into that as well please.

Verginiya Yancheva's picture

We recently made an account for our podcast - The Fashion Photography Podcast. It's very new and we haven't advertised it yet, but we hope people will really like the idea of free learning of the Fashion Photography business and they will support us.
We make podcasts with some of the best people in the industry and we are helping photographers with tips and tricks. The Fashion Photography Podcast is our passion and we love it with all our Hearst, but it takes a lot of time and resources, so we really hope soon enough it will be able to take care of itself through out the patron account.... Sooo keep your fingers crossed!
I think when you give your best to help people and provide as much as you can sooner or later it will be all good.
If you guys have any new ideas for promotion of the patron page or new goals and rewards - I'd really appreciate your help!

Bokeh Master's picture

this sounds more level headed and planned out approach than the article. People can learn something and then people are willing to pay creators for quality contents.

anything new? creative with these photographers? not just nudes?

user-162578's picture

Just when Patreon is kicking out all of its adult-oriented creators for nudity…