Adorama and Joe McNally Teams up to Show us Lighting for Portraits

Looking to get into portrait photography? Maybe you just want to learn more or perfect your trade. Adorama’s Daniel Norton has teamed up with Joe McNally once again to bring us a series of portrait lighting tutorials for us to learn from and enjoy.

During the month of November, each week they release a series of videos from day in portrait shooting. Together they cover Athletic Portraits, Strip Light Portraits, Window Light Portraits, and Environmental Portraits. These are just quick videos showing you the light set up and the final image. It’s more of an exploration of the complete process and detail of how and why the lightening is set up the way it is.

This is a very helpful series for photographers of any level, of course if you are just starting out you will have the more benefits from this series from the more seasoned photographers. Like Daniel states in the video, “we all can learn from other photographers” and I share this thought as well. I am always picking up new tips and tricks from fellow photographers.

Curious in what gear Joe uses for this series of portraits, it does vary a bit but here’s the list of what is used throughout all four videos.


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Whoua ! Useful compilation