Annie Leibovitz Shoots the Important, the Powerful, and the Incredibly Talented

The Corcoran Group specializes in the more exclusive brand of real estate. As such, a more exclusive brand of photography makes perfect sense. In her latest ad campaign, Annie Leibovitz shot numerous well-known talent in the fitting nature of their own homes. Dubbed, "Live who you are," the campaign centers around the idea of finding a home that perfectly complements your lifestyle. The spread between Jimmy Buffett and Tyson Chandler doesn't even begin to cover the variety of personalities in the new campaign that highlights some of the best-suited East Coast properities.

Evan and Oliver Haslegrave | Founders, hOmE | Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Misty Copeland | Soloist, American Ballet Theatre | Upper West Side, New York

Tyson Chandler and Family | Professional Basketball Player | Upper East Side, New York

Mara Miller, Jesse Carrier and Family | Interior Designers, Carrier and Company | Carnegie Hill, New York

Jimmy Buffett | Singer/Songwriter/Author | Palm Beach, Florida

Andrew Solomon, John Habich Solomon and Son | Writer and Editor | Greenwich Village, New York

Mario Nievera | Landscape Architect | Palm Beach, Florida

Francesca and Hans Pauli | Restaurateurs, Sant Ambroeus | Southampton, New York

The Topping Family | 13th Generation Equestrians | Sagaponack, New York

Christina Tosi | Chef/Owner, Milk Bar | Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Michele Oka Doner | Artist | Soho, New York

Quincy Davis | Professional Surfer | Montauk, New York

[Via AdWeek]

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Chip Kalback's picture

Digging this series, check out the BTS video from these shoots too -->

Golgo Thirteen's picture

Her work is so great. People that say she is washed up, I dont get.

gabe s's picture

Its because she typically shoots in front of a green screen, spends 30 seconds actually shooting a photo, then leaves everything else up to assistants to process, set up etc. She doesn't typically do a lot of "work" she just banks on her name.

Jennifer Kelley's picture

Not to mention treats people like something stuck to the bottom of her shoe. That really kills any awe I have ever had over her pictures when I hear about how she treats anyone who is not her subject.

Dana Goldstein's picture

Oh nice, Annie's doing lifestyle. Does she shoot newborns now too?

james johnson's picture

I would still put these firmly in the portrait category.

Alejandro Flores's picture

Lifestyle, newborns, portraits, Annie Leivobitz can shoot anything anywhere.....thats why i learn something new everytime i look at her work....(AMAZING WORK ...that is)

Jennifer Kelley's picture

I gotta admit, I love her work but I'm pretty underwhelmed by this series. If this series didn't have a name on it, it would probably get ripped to shreds. I especially don't get the photo of the dancer on the couch without pants.

Tony Carter's picture

man...the fact that she can make any environment look like natural light is phenomenal! Making the flash to appear to disappear from pics is remarkable!