Behind the Scenes With Annie Leibovitz for Moncler

Annie Leibovitz has been pretty busy lately. Fstoppers recently posted her work as part of the "Live Who You Are" campaign for The Corcoran Group; the BTS video for it can be found here. In this campaign for Moncler, Annie pulls out all the stops - acrobats on ladders, backseat canoodling and even a hiker in the form of a Hindu deity (although to be fair, he could also be Buddhist or Jain). In any case, she brings her personal touch to the images.

Funnily enough, the product is touted "the global down jacket to wear anywhere in the world, at any latitude and in any season," and the campaign ended up being shot on some pretty uncomfortably hot days. Regardless, the pictures are still pretty fantastic.


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ATOR Photo's picture

I love how she gently pushes her models to do cray stuff: "Simon do you have any issues with height?" :)

Mark Colangelo's picture

Totally, no BTS for that shoot. Good photoshop btw. :)

Stephen Vosloo's picture

Any one notice the floating scrim she's using. Holy cow?

Anonymous's picture

A poor postmodern representation of a silly thing.
In fact they had to force the jacket to fit the sculpture.
Shiva must be what you mean

Kim Brown's picture

But when I see Leibovits' name, I immediately think PHOTOSHOP.
Brilliant advertising, for Adobe.
Another famous photographer who is nothing without a team of retouchers.
Well done Annie, well done!

Didri Etholm's picture

is this a floating scrim? Wow. I've never seen one of these

Luna Moreno's picture

Last part was funny
Assistant: Do you have any issues with heights ?
Model: No
Model(after photoshoot): Sh..t, now I have issues with heights...

Keith Walters's picture

Really nice work. I loved the shot of the two in the car

Cody Ash's picture

she's a badass

Ben Whitmore's picture

Wow, I love how quick people are to discredit another artist who's spent decades building their career off the back of amazing work. Photoshop? How many of us ship raw files to a client? Especially a commercial client? What about wedding photographers who shoot and have their raws prepped and edited via outsource for their clients? If you can call Annie anything, I'd say that in addition to being a "photographer" she is also a creative director of her own brand that she built off the back of years of plying her trade.

Jennifer Kelley's picture

Just because someone delivered some amazing work decades ago doesn't mean their current work is immune from harsh critique. I conducted a research study in college in which I "proved" that people will think more highly of a piece with a famous name attached to it than if it was labeled a student piece or an emerging artist piece or not labeled at all. If anyone on here posted these photos, they would not be considered great photos, just ok. Just because Annie took it doesn't mean it's a fantastic piece. I can think of half a dozen photographers on here who take much better photos.

No one is saying not to use Photoshop at all. It's great that she can move into a "creative director" position of her own brand. As someone who is getting close to retirement, she should be doing less of the work. But in doing less of the work and migrating into having a team of retouchers she also seems to put less personal effort into the actual shoot. I have issues with her behavior so it's very hard for me to see her objectively now.

Ben Whitmore's picture

Well isn't that our fault and not theirs? Coke taste better than cola right? Or is it the name behind the brand? The same could be said for Ansel Adams, Picasso, Nike, Ferrari etc. They all sell off the back of their established brand and consumer brand recognition. And if I made a similar photo, painting, shoe or car why should I expect it to be regarded as highly as those aforementioned brands? Each have a team that contributed to the fame and popularity of their products and it's us the consumer who buy into it. She is a commercial photographer, a brand not a hobbyist looking for likes on Flickr. Just because a shoe has a Nike tick on the side, doesn't make it a better shoe than lesser known brands, but you also can't discredit Nike because they're so popular? And I'm pretty sure Mr and Mrs Nike aren't sewing their own shoes these days either. Just saying...

Jennifer Kelley's picture

It isn't anyone's "fault" per say that they think her work is fantastic simply becaus her name is on it. The only issue I take with her on that point is that while it's fine to build your brand and deligate work to others, you also need to give your team credit. Any successful CEO will credit all of the people who work for him/her because they aren't doing it themselves. Mr and Mrs Nike aren't sewing their own shoes but they also don't claim they are either. Even Anna Wintour gives other people credit, and frankly I'd put them in the same category personality wise.

Ben Whitmore's picture

Hmm not sure about that one... Can't remember one interview with Donald Trump where he gave credit to the maids who clean his hotel rooms to the standards they're known for? Anna Wintour is obliged to give credit to stylists and photographers as she's only licensing images. If that were true, each Apple iPhone would have an inscription on the back "This iPhone was made by John Appleseed - Apple Inc"... Nup Mr Jobs is the man taking the credit there.

I don't know where Annie Leibovitz IS claiming to create all her work on her own? This video is a pretty clear indication that she utilises a team of 50 people for a shoot.

One point can be made here. The name Annie Leibovitz drew you to clicking on this link and watching this video, if FStoppers had posted the title "Joe Dirt and his team of assistants help out on a shoot with a photographer" would you really have clicked it? Watched it?

I'll be honest and say I wouldn't. The same way I wouldn't have read a book about Apple's production line workers, but I read the hell out of Steve Jobs' book. Turns out he was kind of a dick.

Jennifer Kelley's picture

I would probably not use Donald Trump as a success story considering how much financial problems he's had. He does manage to climb his way out of it. He does give credit to the people who work for him though. I'm a project manager, it isn't in dropping names or fawning over your team at a press conference, It's simple use of the word "we" rather than "I".

The only reason I'm at all interested in Annie Leibovitz is because I loved her images that appeared in Rolling Stone decades before I was born. I had the interesting experience of being a couple behind her at a deli on my first trip to NYC as a teenager and was debating approaching her when she threw a temper tantrum over her order that had the cashier in tears. She flung something at the person who was with her, I'm guessing an assistant of some sorts. I'm always curious to see if she's the same when she knows the camera is on her.

Anonymous's picture

In explanation
Who does believe at these heights in the global jacket to fit everywhere at any time?
And being the hiker so severely photosohoped, why need to put someone up there?