Behind The Scenes With Brandon Hill: Reasonable Doubter

We've featured photographer Brandon Hill on the Wednesday Rundown before, and he's back with another BTS video. In this one we see a portrait session Hill recently photographed for Seattle Met magazine for an article on the author Bob Seidensticker. Hill uses a really simple, but effective and great-looking, lighting setup along with a few props and key expressions to get a nice set of portraits for the article.

Hill says, "The art director and I wanted it to be clean and free of an environment so we based the concept completely on props and expression. Bob was an extremely cooperative subject and up for anything since we had a variety of ideas that played up his writing. He’s an atheist so we depicted parallels with the communion meal in which to him, is merely food.





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José Tomás Tocino's picture

Beautiful use of light feathering.

Jason's picture

circular gradient on the background?