Behind the Scenes with Jeremy Cowart and Imogen Heap in Iceland

Jeremy Cowart is one of the most respected names in commercial and entertainment photography. Earlier this year he had the opportunity to travel to Iceland for the first time to shoot the talented singer Imogen Heap in a new portrait series. The photos that they captured in the remote and ethereal landscape of Iceland are nothing short of stunning.

Instead of planning ahead with makeup, wardrobe and lighting like you would expect in a celebrity shoot, Jeremy and Imogen opted to just wing the session with a very minimal gear set-up including some Profoto B1 lights and Profoto light modifiers. During the entire session Imogen chose to wear her own light clothing despite the frigid Icelandic weather.

I really love seeing Jeremy’s work, but even more when it’s a spontaneous and fun shoot like this with little planning and little expectations. Seeing shoots like these remind me that perhaps  we should all step back and shoot for the love of photography instead of having to meticulously plan ahead all of the time. The images will be used for Imogen's upcoming album "Sparks". 









If you would like to see more images from the shoot along with several more behind the scenes images check out Jeremy’s blog.

[All images used with permission.]

[Via Jeremy Cowart]

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Love the photos, cool video too

Please use the words "behind the scene" only when it is the case. This is just promo. This video, and all the videos that only say "look how cool we are" are not BTS.

No, I would say this is one of the better behind the scenes videos I've seen recently. He actually had an introduction that explained the gear he was using, why they were there and what they were shooting. Most "BTS" videos are glorified music videos. If you can make a BTS video with great photos and that's better than this, I would be more than happy to feature it on Fstoppers.

"Technically" you're absolutely right Rebecca. But people associate Behind the Scenes with what we've been used to for so long and that's not only when, where, and with what but how, why, and who else. Would be very cool to see more of the shots being setup, gear usage, etc... Then again, "Behind the Scenes" is way easier to headline an article than "Check Out What Jeremy Cowart and Imogen Heap Did the Other Day in Iceland".

When 99% of 'BTS" videos are just music videos I think that saying that this isn't a BTS video is just saying that people want to be spoon-fed information. It's a bts video not a tutorial.

"99% of BTS videos are just music videos" is just your opinion. Von Wong throws out stellar BTS videos that aren't "music videos". Oh here's one of our very own... this doesn't look like a "music video": If you'll notice, Lee said more than, "We're here, with this person, and we're shooting"... roll the finished images.

Again you want to be spoon fed everything. Sorry if you feel entitled, but not every bts video is going to be to your standards, I think it's a lovely behind the scenes video and the photos are great. If you don't want to watch it, then you don't have to. I'm done arguing with you about it.

Maybe you shouldn't be writing articles for Fstoppers if you can't take the feedback... even if it's negative.

One of my favourite photographers. Man I would love to assist one of his shoots.

Amazing images to say the least.

Gear is important, but man nothing truly beats a killer location and an interesting subject. This is where Jeremy's creative mind/eye truly shines. Been a big fan of his all around artistry since I first saw his LifeFinder DVD.

Honest, simple and lovely approach to shooting. A BTS video without an awful soundtrack and an opportunity to see some of the shots without an over edited mess.

So glad you posted these! I saw where he said he went, but I never saw the photos. They are fantastic.