Behind the Scenes on 'Scenic Silhouettes' as Photographer Miles Holden Goes Back to the Basics

New Zealand Photographer Miles Holden has plenty of options when it comes to diverse landscapes at his disposal. In this series called "Scenic Silhouettes," Holden wanted to focus on a more simplistic, quieter series of images of bike riding, set against a stunning landscape. This behind-the-scenes video takes you helicopter-hopping around diverse topography of New Zealand with Holden during his project.

With snowy mountains, rolling hillsides, and immense lakes spread out across the area, transporting the crew by helicopter was the easiest approach. Not only that, it allowed them to shoot exactly when and where they needed to, without spending hours traveling to and from these remote settings.

It's cool to see a photographer incorporating two styles into one — action and landscape in this case — and coming away with a collection of shots where the action or subject is just one small piece of the greater visual. From his interview with Red Bull Photography, Holden explained:

Shadows and silhouettes are something I’ve always had a fascination with, though I’ve never had the chance to use them for such an extended period of time. My plan was to show the athlete in a big-landscape setting, and create beautiful scenic images with an action element to them.

For more images and info on the backstory of the Scenic Silhouettes project, head over to Red Bull Photography.

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love it! This is what i want to do!!!