Behind The Scenes As Tyler Stableford Captures Incredible Portraits Of "The Farmers"

All this week at the Photoville NYC festival, Tyler Stableford is hosting a gallery exhibition featuring his work from "The Farmers" project. This Saturday there is a reception which is free and open to the public if you'd like to check out some of the amazing prints from Tyler's latest passion project. This behind the scenes video gives you a look at the photography as well as the printing process involved in making this work come to life.

There is something that is really special that happens when a photographer is able to bond with a real person and capture their emotion and essence in a portrait. The people featured here aren't paid models– they are honest, hard working folks that have a special connection to the land, and Tyler's images do a great job representing that.

Large canvas prints were made for the gallery exhibition, and Tyler and his team talk about the technology used in making these prints in the behind the scenes video above. The project was commissioned by Canon, and it's easy to see how their printers were an important facet to the final presentation.

Below are a few images from the project. Click to view them larger.

For more information, head over to Tyler's blog.

All images used with permission, courtesy of Stableford Studios.



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Bavarian DNA's picture

Inspiring article Mike. It is always nice to see how people interact with photographs and how the photographer bring the attention and appreciation to those workers, in this case " The farmers". Beautiful one bro

Ron Sanchez's picture

One of the best articles I've seen posted in fstoppers, real life pictures.loved it

gabe s's picture

I have wanted to do something like this for a long time. Coming from a family of farmers, its a different world not a lot of people see.

Scott S's picture

Hi Gabe
Where are you located? I've started a documentary on farmers ( since I grew up in the ag community and that's what I've studied.

gabe s's picture

I live in Iowa. South Eastern Iowa to be more specific.

Claude Laramée's picture

Refreshing to see "ordinary / real peoples" in their surroundings, performing their daily tasks and occupations ! Also kuddo to Canon for investing in this project !

Randy Budd's picture

Thanks for posting this article and video. I love to watch photographers at work. The images were beautiful.

Anonymous's picture

Amazing project. Thanks for posting this! That sharpness, that light, those prints.

It's always good to see someone creating something like this with some of the gear I already have. Less gear lust, more inspiration. Also love seeing someone get some great huge prints from a dslr that I own. Now if only I could create something worthy of being being printed that big...

Brian Hammonds's picture

Great Shots! Nice article.

Tor Ivan Boine's picture

great video and story except all the canon this, canon that, canon is the best etc

Alejandro Flores's picture

Beautiful inspiring images and excelent work....its great to see how ordinary subjets transform into extraordinary images...I hope that this make people realise how in this modern times we still depend on this anonimous heroes...

robert golden's picture

THANKS for sharing the wonderful story of the making and the pictures. i have made 26 focus around the world about food and culture, working with many people in the countryside and encountering the same warmth and kindness your images reveal. Congratulations.