Brilliant Mix of Edibles, Photography and Text: Food Typography

Brilliant Mix of Edibles, Photography and Text: Food Typography

From concept to finsihed piece Danielle Evans creates incredible pieces of art using various mediums for clients Target, Romano's Macaroni Grill and Kellogg. Her style is freeform and specializes in hand lettering to create stunning scenes with perfect lighting to match the feel she is looking for. 

Starting with a general vision and background texture that will help her main subject matter stand out she then adds layers to create the overall vision. Sometimes using pencil sketches initially to help with layout and placement of primary and secondary pieces she get the job done with an amazing amount of patience. One challenge in this type of situation is learning with various types of mediums like mashed potatoes, shoe laces and raw meat to form it on the spot and then finding ways to match backgrounds and lighting to fit each. Not always having top end photography gear, her "ancient” Nikon can be seen in a few snapshots in her social sites while shooting natural light and working the settings to get the best shot possible. Check out the process below and also a behind-the-scenes video of the setup and clean up process below. 

More videos here ! 

To see more on how she styles and sets up these shots, check out her various social networks on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr where she regularly posts behind the scenes images and fun videos on how she created and cleaned up each setup. 


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Erik Kellar's picture

LOL got my own version. We used wooden blocks coated with spray adhesive and coated them with granulated sugar several times. Worked out great for a health article about sugar.

Andrew Griswold's picture

This is awesome Erik, having worked as a designer for a company in Indy designing primarily sweetener based products this hits home for sure. Nice one!

Matt Allan's picture

I think this is just fantastic!

Being a font addict this just appeals to me on so many different levels and now I am sitting here trying to think of how I might be able to try this and put my own spin on it.

Thanks for the inspiration.


Andrew Griswold's picture

Right?! Being a designer I have a great appreciation for someone that can combine typography, photography and just some great hand crafted art. Thanks for the comment Matt!

David Lara's picture

Pretty nifty...I could see this being used in big advertising campaigns. It's a nice niche to be in.

Andrew Griswold's picture

Indeed, Danielle had some very well known ad campaigns which is really impressive!