BTS With Scarlett Johannson for Vanity Fair

Craig McDean knocked it out of the park again for the May issue of Vanity Fair. I mean, I doubt a bad picture of Scarlett Johannson exists in the first place but he did an awesome job as per usual. Vanity Fair has taken to creating beautiful behind the scenes videos to accompany their covers lately and this is my new favorite. The video is beautiful. Granted, it's a little difficult to see exactly what is being used as far as lighting goes, but we can still figure out a few things. For one, the images are obviously heavily back lit by the giant window. Add to that a couple of reflectors to control the light and what appears to be a white balanced hot-light for fill and there you have it.

More proof that you don't need complicated setups to create beautiful images.

BTS With Scarlett Johannson for Vanity Fair

BTS With Scarlett Johannson for Vanity Fair-2

Having Scarlett Johannson around would help a bit though I'm sure

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Looks like they are using an HMI into pieces of foam core. The small strip is pretty noticeable in her catchlight. Seen at :45

I don't know why i'd like some milk right now ...

Come on, it's just a few clips with a weak RF soundtrack. This is hardly BTS, but more an appetizer for teenagers to buy the magazine. Step it up FS.

This isn't BTS at all. It's a fashion-y add for costume jewelry and VF using Ms. Johannson as a (very nice to look at) prop.

F-Stoppers.....please stop publishing this crap. This is nothing more than a commercial. This is not why anyone comes to this site.

Poor behind the scenes.

I expect more than just a minute and at least that the photographer says a couple of lines around the idea and/or setup.

I quite like the video, but I have the feeling she is looking above the camera on theses two pictures. Still beautiful,,,,