Casey Neistat Axes Canon 70D... Literally

If you haven't been keeping up with Casey Neistat's daily vlogs, then you absolutely need to start. They're a great source of creative inspiration, lots of running cut-scenes, and the occasional viral video. In this particular vlog, Neistat tells a story on the importance of not quitting and, while filming, experiences an error with his Canon 70D. You may not believe how he solves it.

As seen in the video above and the surprisingly cathartic GIF below, sometimes the only course of action is a little smashing.

Long-time Neistat fans will already know how much he likes working with compact cameras for their size, portability, digression, and reliability. While I'm not a Canon owner or video expert myself, I'd have to imagine the error he keeps getting has something to do with the fact that he's rocking a Transcend SD card. Time to step up your memory game, friend.

If someone can dig up his office address I have a couple SanDisk cards that I know won't let him down.

Whether or not you thought it was funny watching Neistat chop the heck out of that 70D, you have to appreciate the moral behind his story in the vlog today: don't quit and don't let gear get into your way. To check out more of Neistat's videos and his daily vlog be sure to head over to his YouTube channel or check him out on Snapchat (@CASEYNEISTAT) and Instagram.

Let me be the first to give you an unofficial welcome to Team Nikon, Casey. We've been expecting you.

What's the craziest DIY "fix" you've done with your camera? Let me know in the comments below, and if you think you know the solution to the "Movie recording has been stopped automatically" warning be sure to let him know before he smashes his 5D.

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To whoever was saying they would like to send Casey memory sticks, his address is:
368 Broadway #201 NYC 10013

Habib NANA's picture

What's the name of the kind of "skateboard" he wears at the beginning of the video ?

he should have at least asked me before doing that.

Change the video recording mode from ALL-I to IPB and it'll work fine.

if you were doing that with another camera, send it to me :D

Matt Green's picture

Can't use the SD cards on the 5D Mark III. Gotta go with the CF card because for some reason the bus is slower on the SD. As far as the 70D goes, I use Lexar cards from Boise's own Micron Technology. They've worked flawlessly in my 70D. As for my Manfrotto video monopod, that's something that needs smashing.

Have not had any problems taking any videos with it. Lates one I had, is this one of "Casey Neistat fan", its funny too :D

For other videos - action videos I use mostly GoPro.