Chris Burkard Battles the Arctic to Capture a Perfect Surfing Shot

If you were considering that Lytro contest to go to Iceland with Chris Burkard, this video from SmugMug films might give you a glimpse into what that would be like. "Photographer Chris Burkard has made it his personal goal to experience nature’s brutality in search of the perfect shot. His latest adventure takes him to Norway to capture swells set against a snowy backdrop."

SmugMug shared some behind-the-scenes images with us that help illustrate the adventure for you all. I have to say... this looks outstanding.

You can see the full set of behind the scenes images here. What do you think? Job well done in my opinion!

Photos by Michael Bonocore and used with permission. Video by Anton Lorimer.

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Sara Smoot's picture

Wow. This is amazing.

Michael Bonocore's picture

Thank you Sara! We are very proud of it :)

Jason Hudson's picture

Most of those photos were shot by smugmug photog Michael Bonocore... I know for fact #3 of surfer Brett Barley was.
Burkard is an inspiration... and should be for any photographer or human alike.... great post!

Michael Bonocore's picture

Yup, those are my photos :) Thanks for noticing Jason!

Lee Morris's picture

beautifully filmed. I'm glad other people do that stuff because I have no interest in being that cold. I enjoyed watching it from the comfort of my couch though.

Michael Bonocore's picture

Glad you liked it Lee! Our Videographer Anton Lorimer is amazing. And yes, you are indeed correct. It was freeeeeezzzzzzinnnngggggg.

Jaron Schneider's picture

I would like to go on record as saying I would HAPPILY get that cold if it meant getting a great video!

Michael Bonocore's picture

Then I have some ideas for us Jaron!

Jaron Schneider's picture

Let me finish up that last one, and then we should def talk about doing more :)

Matthew Saville's picture

Lee, you should go to Death Valley in December with me a few times, that'd cure your aversion to such cold! :-P

Matt Allan's picture

Far too cold for me but very cool to look at.

Michael Bonocore's picture

Matt, two words- Heated. Underwear.

Mike Swiech's picture

This was a such a great video. Lovely shots from Michael Bonocore again. Great job to the team for bringing that to us.

Michael Bonocore's picture

Thanks Mike!

Marcel Martinez's picture

Burkard!!! Yes man! Love seeing you pop up everywhere! If your goal is to inspire others then it's working

Michael Bonocore's picture

Marcel, Chris has inspired me a ton since I met him a year ago. My photography style, especially in regards to the "adventure" has transformed, and I have been loving the results.

Kristjan Järv's picture

I wonder what their face feels like when they fall into the water.

Michael Bonocore's picture

Surprisingly, the surfers claim it didn't hurt that much :)

Christian Berens's picture

That was simply amazing! I would love to go do that, maybe not get in the water haha. But wow powerful stuff!

Michael Bonocore's picture

Thank you Christian!

michael filippoff's picture

Wow, wow...brrrrrrrrrrrr.....Wow! Amazing and inspirational video and images! :)

Michael Bonocore's picture

Thank you Michael. This was definitely one of the more fun assignments I had ever had.

Reynardt Badenhorst's picture

That's insane!

Ron Pate's picture

I share the passion of jumping head first into the elements and commend everyone that worked on this project! This is what adventure is all about. Very inspiring to those who do work like this and a great example for people who will!

Anonymous's picture

That really is fantastic, I love the cold environment, and this just captures it perfectly. I am going to that very place in a while. Really looking forward to it. Great job!

Michael Bonocore's picture

Thanks Vegard! I can't wait to go back.