Creating Magic - Miss Aniela's Non-Photoshopped Nikon Campaign

Miss Aniela creates photographic magic. She inhabits a dream world and uses her photographs as a visual means to realize the whimsical, highly creative visions that she dreams up. Her new commissions for Nikon’s D810 flagship launch blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality even more than usual as none of them utilize Photoshop, only relying on some technical post work in Nikon’s NX-D RAW image software. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Miss Aniela and her work, it’s well worth checking out, even if you have no interest in this genre of photography. She has a unique ability to continue to push the boundaries in this area, and it's largely the result of highly creative vision married with brilliant production capabilities. The BTS video of this shoot, detailing her philosophy and approach, provides insightful answers as to how she is able to consistently achieve this.

She was recently commissioned to produce two back-to-back shoots as part of the release of Nikon’s D810. Without the use of Photoshop (the brief being to utilize just the capability of the camera itself), the emphasis has been firmly placed on the ability to capture great images straight out of camera.

As ever with her work, a huge amount of work goes into the sets, lighting and props, which included a live zebra (see above) and flamingo, as well as a giant tentacle for the partially-submerged water set.

The results show just what you can do when you get it right in camera, and have access to some wonderful props and sets (as well as great equipment, of course).

What’s really impressive is just how closely her storyboards match the sets and final look of the images she creates. It underscores the importance of having a clear vision for your shoots from the outset, particularly on more complex productions.


[Via My Modern Met]

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Paul Bradley's picture

That's crazy that they flooded a room for s shot.

Christopher Lynn's picture

Technically they emptied half a pool for that shot. Not quite as impressive when you look at it that way, but still quite impressive

James Johnson's picture

Oh man! It's so nice to see sketches. I love that! That's the type of BTS that I like. Sure, lighting set-ups and the sort are helpful and interested. But I want to see conceptualizing!

Chris Blair's picture

Never thought of using a pool as a stage for a shoot...what a great idea. Thanks!

LEVARWEST Benjamin's picture

(in french) J'adore ce shooting !!! c'est juste incroyable les décors et tout le stylisme utilisé. Merci pour le partage.

David Geffin's picture

De rien mon ami!

Stephen Vosloo's picture

loved seeing how close she got to her original sketches!

Lee Morris's picture

I can't imagine dealing with this level of production. Amazing work

Limor Garfinkle's picture

Wow! How inspiring! So beautifully done.

Matt Palmer's picture

How cool. The live animals on set are a nice touch.

Samten Norbù's picture

PFFFF when I try to have a team of more than 3 peoples and having a great location, usualy two of them have to cancel a few days before ! I feel cursed ! That's the kind of setup I wish I could do !
... but I already have, at least, two common point with her : I have the Nikon D800E wich is pretty similar, and also a priolite strobe ( wich is an amazing strobe ! )

Chris J. Evans's picture

Great execution from concept to final shot!

Matt Allan's picture

I'm not a Nikon guy but that aside, this was a fantastic and massively inspiring video to watch.
There's so many new ideas running around in my head at the moment...