I Sit Down With Four Glamour Models to Discuss Modeling, Social Media, and the Photography Industry

One of my favorite little quips to drop on my workshop attendees is "Did you know that models are, as it turns out, human?", which usually just yields a few chuckles. But the truth is, that is just my lead in and my way of sarcastically reminding model photographers that fashion and glamour models have opinions, preferences, and emotions as much as anyone else. Which is sadly something that seems to be overlooked in the often callus industries of fashion and glamour. To that end, I invited some Texas based pro models to sit down with Staci and I discuss the industry.

While this multi-interview goes well beyond the usual "4 minute rule" on YouTube, it is actually the final edit from what was well over an hour of discussion captured last month during a taping of my web series. The purpose of this round table discussion was to give pro models the floor, as it were, to discuss their industry and how it is directly impacted by the photography industry. Not to mention give us shooters some insight on their point of view regarding the model-photographer relationship, especially in local and regional industries.

This is the first in a line of round table discussions I will be taping around the country with various photo, video and modeling industry professionals as a means of creating dialogue and having the conversations that perhaps not enough people are willing to have. We hope to give a voice to as many varied industry folks as we can during this series of sorts, and, ideally, streamline some general communication amongst us all.

Check out the video above, and be sure to contact me with ideas for future Backyard: Round Table Discussions around the country.

L to R: Staci Butcher, Lindsey Bonin, Shelby Leger, CJ Ridgley

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Jon Inge Nordnes's picture

There you go

John Pyle's picture

Nice to see professional people instead of girls thinking they are "hot" and want free shoots.

Sergio Tello's picture

I like how Nino answered many of his own questions. Still, very entertaining and informative, especially the last few minutes.

Brian Reed's picture

I, too, appreciate the efforts put forth by all to create this video. It was informative. I just wish there was a way we could see the whole hour of video instead of just the 24 minutes. :-D (*Huge Grin*) I'd like to hear more from the ladies about being a model. Good Stuff Nino.

Jeff McCollough's picture

What's up with you audio bro?

Daniel Schenkelberg's picture

photos by joel print in the back ground i see, where is mine Nino?!

-Daniel Schenkelberg

Leigh Smith's picture

Seriously, please put a little money and/or effort into the audio. I have yet to make it through one of your videos.

Chris Slasor's picture

The audio is really not kind on the ears, I couldn't make it more than a 1/4 of the way through with headphones on! Sounds quite poorly recorded and then overly/badly compressed. Also a little strange that the light through the window falls so nicely on Nino but the models are shadowy and backlit. Maybe I got up onthe wrong side of bed this morning, I love loads of Nino's other videos :)

Jason Lorette's picture

Great video...loved it...good job Nino and ladies :) (Not sure why people are having trouble with the audio, mine was fine)