Photographer Brandon Cawood Creates Kids' Dreams With 'When I Grow Up' Project

All children have imaginations ranging from creative to radically abstract, and it's not until we become adults that far too many of us accidentally lose a good chunk of that imagination after the years start to stack up. How cool would it be for a child to see a dramatized depiction of what they want to be when they grew up? Brandon Cawood and his family asked the same question and put a project into motion called "When I Grow Up."

I was so touched by this project when I became aware of it this week, and then, I immediately became envious that my own three kids don't have an awesome Cawood composite work to call their own! After I giggled about that, I showed the video above to my 11, 10, and 6 year-olds. They were immediately fascinated and have been looking at the final images for most of this evening, proving that the project was a success: it captured the minds, nay, the dreams of children.

Cawood is a successful commercial photographer specializing in hyperrealistic composite work and just an all-around awesome dude. This charitable project is the sort of thing the world needs more of, and I, for one, am inspired to find my own way to use my skill set to give something to not just my own children, but perhaps their schools. Thank you for the inspiration, Brandon!

Buy your copy of this calendar to show your support here.

Check out the BTS video above and a few of the final images below, and be sure to go to Cawood's website to check out more of his mesmerizing work.

Images used with permission.

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Dave Kavanagh's picture

Damn fine series from a damn good photorapher.

Dave Kavanagh's picture

Very welcome dude, great work deserves high praise.

Brandon Cawood's picture

Nino, Awesome article man! Thank you for taking the time to do it! I'm honored to have inspired!

Rob Mynard's picture

Great work, I might have to turn my hand at this with my friends and families kids to give my PS skills a boost :-)
Nice one Brandon

Peter House's picture

This is one of the coolest projects I've seen. Way to go man. This is something these kids will remember forever :)