Photographer Captures Latest Viral Craze 'The Condom Challenge'

First, it was the Ice Bucket Challenge. Now, it’s condoms? In case you've haven’t come across this trend on social media, over the last month or so, the “Condom Challenge” has swept the Internet as the latest viral prank. Similar to one of our own humorous photoshoots here at Fstoppers, Photographer Andreas Varro decided to drop water-filled condoms onto his subjects and capture their reactions.

The Condom Challenge involves filling a condom with water and filming one person dropping the condom onto another’s head. Before long, the trend snowballed and many started posting videos of this prank, similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Here’s an example of the challenge:

Humor and art have always been a thing for me, trying to combine these to grab people's attention and making them laugh is what makes me love my job… I decided to do a humor art project based on this challenge; here's the end result.

Not only were the compositions comical, but I am also a big fan of his lighting and retouching, which made these portraits great! Here are the results: 

To view more of Andreas' work, check out his website.

Photos used with permission from Andreas Varro.

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George Pahountis's picture

Crazy shots love em !

Bert McLendon's picture


Joel Forsman's picture

ah crap, I had the same idea but he did it first, because my gf said it was a stupid idea hahahahah, great shots!

Kyle Ford's picture

Holy shit these are fantastic.

Ale Vidal's picture

I had the same idea as well, but I lack flashes that can reach 1/10000 or close to it :( and most of all I am lazy :D

Doug Levy's picture

I saw this the first time...when Tim Tadder did it 100x better

Kate Fox's picture

I cannot believe these aren't photoshopped, what a great job!