Photoshop Shortcuts Stop Working When Using Wacom Tablets - SOLUTION

Photoshop Shortcuts Stop Working When Using Wacom Tablets - SOLUTION

After endless hours wasted, I found the solution for an issue I've had using the Intous tablet with my Macbook Pro. The brush would get stuck and I couldn't hit Photoshop shortcuts between brush strokes. I went through the hassle of reinstalling all drivers, buying a new tablet and setting all my Photoshop settings back to default before finding the following simple 30-second fix. This issue pertains to people using Apple computers with Photoshop CS6 or CC and a Wacom Intous tablet. The fix is for the following issues: 

•   Menus, panels, or dialog boxes turn white and become unresponsive

•   Keyboard shortcuts stop working

•   Lasso tool selections close prematurely and unexpectedly

•   Photoshop becomes unresponsive


Like many out there, I use Google and YouTube to fix all my issues. Despite the inordinate amount of time spent searching, this was the first time I couldn't find the answer on either of these platforms. I uninstalled and reinstalled all software related to Adobe and Wacom. Still didn't work. So I bought a new tablet. Still didn't work. My last resort was to call Wacom which fixed my issue quickly. I was told it is a known issue and they sent me a link to fix this. Why they couldn't send out an update to the software is beyond me. 

I'm writing this article in hopes that anyone searching this issue in the future stumbles upon this. 

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Hello, I’m suffering from this same shit since weeks ago, (I use Photoshop CC 2019 on Windows 10 -I upgraded it after this issue, suddenly, destroyed my life with 2018 version) then found myself still stuck there. Your solution can’t help as well ( I guess it's for Mac only) and I can’t find any help -for windows- anywhere. I have to restart the software millions of times only to let it allow me to use shortcuts to change the brushes sizes - undo - zoom in and out.. even to use the brush and the eraser normally without continuously stopping !! I tried to reinstall Photoshop and reinstall Wacom driver. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO? :(