Recap of Spying on Shoot The Centerfold Seminar in Miami

A few months back, I mentioned that I had been given an exclusive invitation to spy on the Shoot The Centerfold seminar in Miami. This much celebrated glamour photography event features the pinnacle of models and educators in the genre, and goes down twice a year alternating between Miami, FL and freaking Santorini, Greece or some other insanely exotic location.

Staci Renee (cohost of my show and bad ass model) and Alex Ventura (bad ass photographer) and I all arrived in the city the night before, and immediately realized that no other metropolitan area in the U.S. utterly screams glamour quite like Miami does. I mean, holy crap

The town is a visual cacophony of intimidating intensity and breathtaking beauty mixed with scattered cultural diversity and wanton overindulgence. In other words, it was ideal for Shoot The Centerfold in just about every way.

I lived in Miami in 1979, briefly, and I was a baby. I've been on several layovers in Miami's airport, but never left the terminals. So essentially, this was my first adult visit to Miami, and I was not disappointed. Thankfully, Shoot The Centerfold also didn't disappoint, and we decided to take a look around and see what was up. Check out the recap video above from The Backyard, and some behind the scenes photos below.

Be sure to check out more information on their website, and inquire about next year's Miami seminar and the over-the-top international ones too. 

Yes, I know spies don't get invited, but work with me here.

Special thanks to Jarmo Pohjaniemi for the invitation, and to all the wonderful people who run Shoot The Centerfold.


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Chris K.'s picture

Wish I could've made this STC seminar! My first one was 2012 in Miami, then I did another in 2014. Ever since the first one I attended my photography drastically changed-all for the better in every way! How I lit, interactions with the model/crew/client, and how I picked up more work! STC was the best thing for my photography!

Samir Patel's picture

Nice Nino! Great recap.

Terry Henson's picture

Sweet article. However, I'm not sure in this day and age you can use 'spying' and 'centerfold' in the same sentence hahaha.