The Results of Our Puerto Rico Cave Shootout Are In!

Last week, we continued our exploration of Puerto Rico with our second shootout challenge. This time, we mixed it up a little bit with a guest photographer, and the results were pretty interesting.

As you saw in the very first Puerto Rico shoutout, Lee and I competed head to head as we attempted to capture a landscape photo of the Las Garzas Waterfall in San Sebastian. Even though neither of our photographs were ever going to win any awards, it was definitely exciting to explore a new part of the island and try to capture the best photograph given the horrible weather conditions.

In this week's episode, we brought in composite photographer and local Puerto Rican resident Josh Rossi. Since I completely destroyed Lee in the last competition, it was only fair that I should go up against the new challenger. As you can see in the video above, our new cave location present a whole host of different challenges and surprises. 

The Final Images

Although Lee and I originally thought this shootout series would be more or less centered around landscape photography, things quickly took a different turn as Josh brought his daughter along for the challenge. Josh's daughter, Nellee, has become quite famous for her Instagram Wonder Woman series and was currently featured in People Magazine for her kid-friendly portrayal of Captain Marvel. After figuring out that Josh was going to use his daughter in his competition image, I decided to mix up things by photographing our tour guide and local caving expert, Robert Moreno, in my own image. 

Here is the before and after image from Josh's shoot with his daughter.

Here is the before and after image from my shoot with Robert. 

The Results

As promised, we posted both of these photos anonymously last week asking you our readers which photograph you preferred. At the time of filming the results, my image was declared the winner with over 56 percent of the total votes. In the last day or so, the results have switched with Josh's image taking over 52 percent of the votes. I have a sneaky suspicion that someone, cough cough Josh, might have set up a campaign to sway the votes, but I think both images are pretty good overall. Neither of us are going to win any awards with these photographs, but I think they both show what is possible with a great location and a little bit of preparation and ingenuity. 

If you want to cast your own vote, even now after you know who took which image, feel free to cast your ballot in the poll below. Just remember, "Photo 1" is the image of Belle and "Photo 2" is the image of Robert, the cave guide.

If you enjoy photography and want to learn more about compositing, check out Josh Rossi's educational tutorials at Full Time Photographer. He has a lot of great resources on combining multiple images into a single photograph as well as full tutorials on some of his most well-known work. We also filmed a few other videos with Josh, including one on the business of photography that will soon be released on our YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe to be notified of that video. 

I have to say thanks for Josh and his daughter for participating in this contest. With both of our images being so closely rated, we might have to do another head-to-head shootout soon, but in the meantime, I think I need a new competitor now that I'm 2-0 in the Puerto Rico Shootout Challenge!

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Celso Mollo's picture

Props to the guest photographer to recognize that Patrick dis a great job.
This time I believe Patrick will win but don’t tell Josh’s daughter I’ve said that.

Stas F's picture

You're welcome

Hah! I've got another quarter and I'm about to enter back into the fight.

Patrick Hall's picture

You know this game costs $.50 to play right?

Stas F's picture

He'll shoot a wedding

As I saw you all walking and looking at the video I thought for a minute that you all were at Barrio Barahona in Morovis in the Cava Chuela sector until I read San Sebastian you all should go there too so you can see caverns with pink quartz it's really Beautiful there too and has lots of Caves and Caverns any other info 2679043649 Ohhh and in my Town the Barrio that I live at there's some also

user-146450's picture

Number 1 has it for me, but number 2 messes up with the very light background. He should have shot it caveside behind her.

Emile Husson's picture

IMHO, Josh would've nailed it if he had knocked down the outside light significantly so that her light was the brightest source.

David Penner's picture

I watched the interview you did with Josh and right after I watched the video for this. Sure the kid is cute but from a business sense Patrick did a great job. I'm sure other people that might be able to help out with future videos in your area will see that photo and will be willing to help out in exchange for a photo they can use to promote themselves.
I also think overall Patrick's photo is better.