A Time-Lapse Misadventure in Colombia

Go behind the scenes as a time-lapse photographer struggles to capture footage in Colombia. 

Morten Rustad is an acclaimed time-lapse photographer well known for his stunning work showcasing his native country of Norway. His most recent project is also his most ambitious; Rustad has spent the past year traveling and exploring South America with the goal of creating a next-level time-lapse. He has been publishing a steady stream of behind the scenes videos leading up to the release of the South America time-lapse film at the end of this year. The latest episode of his South America vlog takes us to Colombia.

Rustad has to overcome not only adverse weather conditions and illness but also motivation issues. He tackles both by doing something surprising; instead of trying to force the issue, he decides to recharge his batteries by taking a break from his time-lapse work and focusing a bit more on enjoying the wonderful sights that Colombia has to offer. I think this is a great mindset and something I personally need to work on during my landscape and cityscape photography trips. 

While Rustad's Colombia trip may not have been successful from a professional standpoint, I find his perseverance and commitment to his craft to be quite motivating. I look forward to seeing more of his South American time-lapse adventures.

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Eugene Braack's picture

I really feel for this guy... I once went to the same location 22 times before I was able to shoot a half-decent timelapse of the sunset there. Luckily it was just a short drive from my home. I was thwarted by total cloud cover, too much cloud, not enough clouds, no clouds, rolling mist that obscured the view, rain, my own bad photography (several times), and once I forgot the footplate of my tripod.

I am currently trying to do a sunrise timelapse and have been to the same location 4 times - and not once did I even see the sun, just total cloud and fog. Shooting at high altitudes in mountains can be heartbreaking.
Thank heavens I don't earn a living from photography - I would have been bankrupt long ago. My family think I'm crazy... all this time, money, planning, getting up long before sunrise... often all for nothing. And I would not have it any other way. Out there in nature and beautiful scenery with my camera, my dog and a flask of coffee, is freedom.