Vincent Laforet Shoots 5K Infra Red with the Red Epic and MoVI!

Plus three gorgeous Brazilian triplets. But that's not the point here.

Seriously though, I've seen a lot of crazy things done with the Red Epic, but I've never seen it shot without it's IR pass filter. The results are the definition of ethereal. The biggest shocker to me though was that none of these shots, which included a very complicated Handheld to Rope to Handheld shot that looked like a crane shot, were all done without any post-stabilization or complicated steadicam rigs. All of the shots were done using the Movi stabilization system.

According to Vincent Laforet, the Movi rig, which requires much less set up time than a Steadicam, makes short work of some of the most complicated shots that they could think of. In fact, in his article on the short film, Laforet stated that the "game changing" technology came with a drawback, the need to constantly remind yourself that you don't have to make every shot an "epic" one. In other words, it's great as long as it's not overused.

Personally I loved the short and I think that if you can run a bare bones operation and still get hollywood style shots with this new Movi system, this is going to be one of the biggest "game changers" to come out since the RED.

Like the video? Have any experience using a steadicam? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

Via Vincent Laforet's Blog

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wow, love the look and feel of the infrared footage! Pure eye candy!

Sorry to say, I think it looks awful...

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Great stuff. Love how stable the shots are. Dropping the camera was crazy ;)

I thought it looked great and the IR was cool too. Amazing that the rope hand off thing was that stable too, as shooting at 5 or even 6k you could easily post stabilize the tiny bit of wobble right out of that to have it smooth as glass for the whole shot keeping it at 4k.

Exactly - I'm not sold on 4K projections unless they are in an IMAX theater...but 4K+ acquisition gives you so much room to play with in post - albeit with a heavy price tag on hard drives....

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I'm waiting for China to make a >$1000 Movi knockoff.

They will and you can too. The pieces themselves aren't that hard to find and very commonly used in RC Helicopters. Freefly has invested heavily in specific hardware and especially software to make this thing work the way it does. I'm sure you noticed how much wobble there was in that hand down with the rope... and look at the resulting footage. That's far from easy to do.

France has a system where they ban certain words from being used in their language- i'd love for "game changer" to be banned here. And sorry, it the Movi really that much better than a Steadicam?? Seriously. Could you tell the difference between the two if you saw identical footage?

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Nice... camera.

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I love shooting stills in IR, and while IR video is neat, is there much call for it? I could see music videos or such, but as much as i'd love an IR video camera, that's got to be a hard thing to justify. Unless the IR filter is something a user can just do, then it would be less a permanent thing.

It's definitely a specialty use for sure. But so much is out there when you think of it... everyone is always looking for that one lens, move, location etc etc to make their video a little more unique..

I really like the rig. But how do they control the angle of the camera?

You can do it as a solo operator - it knows if you want to pan or tilt, they call it "majestic mode" or you can go dual operator w/ a remote control

Interesting. What is the name of the pan/tilt unit?

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a wonderful job. But this isn't infra-red, I don't know why this technique is commonly called infra-red. In infra red recording the shadow would be lighter not dark as normal

Silly question time, I am sure that I watched a behind the scenes video for this, but for the life of me cannot find it anywhere at all, anyone have a link or able to point me in the right direction? (please say that I am not going mad)

That video will be back up on another site.

Excellent, for a moment there, I thought I was making it all up. Forgot to say, love the shot over the side with the rope attached, if only I have the funds and the crew to start playing around with some ideas ;) can't wait to see what else comes spilling from you sleeves ;)

What is your business / financial connection with MoVi? No big deal if you are a equity partner but it would be nice to know so I can process your posts accordingly.

As a begginer, I just hope some day this kind of technology get more affordable for us the broke dreamers

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That was f-ing I want one and I don't even shoot video

I'm puzzled by some of the snarkey comments in this thread. I like the video. It's trying something new with new tech. This is a hallmark of creativity. I think some of these purists (or whatever they refer to themselves as) need to get over themselves. I appreciate artists like Vincent Laforet. He gives us all new things to consider and build upon. Vincent - you have nothing to apologize for.

Amen - I know. Sometimes I ignore them - but at other times they are so far off that I feel the need to rectify them. When people start to use the MōVI most critics will become mute... that's been my unilateral experience so far w/ people of ALL levels.

Wow Stunnnig video!! What kind of hand gear (steadicam) did you used? Brand? Thanks

Wow, my jaw actually dropped - Amazing! My opinion is that @vincentlaforet:disqus is pushing the limits in many ways, and the result is both inspiring and eventually helpful for people like myself.

We need these people who are nice enough to share their knowledge and ideas, so if you can't come up with any actual constructive criticism, go do something else.

I love this video, I want that piece of gear (although the price scares the crap out of me). This is a beautifully shot video and I applaud you for making such a wonderful vid. Laforest good job.

On the note of what some of these people are saying, I applaud you for making a living at doing what you love.

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love that the big namers find the time to go out and do fun/experiments during their free time. a role model in just that-always wanting to have a camera in hand trying something new