Von Wong & Michael Rosner Partner Up in a Stunning Ultraviolet Photography Project

If you're a regular reader of Fstoppers then you should knaow all about conceptual photographer Benjamin Von Wong. He is the kind of photographer that adds the extra to ordinary and creates mind-blowing images. Well, Von Wong is at it again this time pairing up with renowned body paint artist Michael Rosner to produce some beautiful ultraviolet images in studio. 

After reading about Rosner's work here on Fstoppers back in 2012, Benjamin reached out to him to see if a collaboration would be achieveable. After a long two year wait due to scheduling conflicts, Benjamin and Michael were finally able to work together. Also they enlisted the help of some of the best designers in Los Angeles (Amber Kusanagi Michelle Hebert and  Dinah Raphaelle) Benjamin was finally able to assemble the perfect team to execute their vision. 

Benjamin also got Broncolor to assist when he asked if he could borrow some of Broncolor's UV attachments to bring out the ultraviolet body paint that Michael Rosner would be airbrushing the models with. 

If you'd like to see more of how the shoot was accomplished along with some more photos from the shoot and behind the scenes images go check out Benjamin's blog. UltraViolet Insanities Two Years in the Making

[Via Benjamin Von Wong]

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Lee Morris's picture

super cool!

Christian Berens's picture

WOW Von Wong never disappoints! "Oh you know I've never done this before so I'm gonna just try it out and see what I get" And he gets gold!!!

Martijn Schram's picture

Insane! The results are stunning. I never seen anyone try this before, using a great body paint artist pays off. Love it!

Stephen Vosloo's picture

mind blowing stuff! The dude is a beast!

Julien Kauffmann's picture

what is your next move Benjamin ? Shooting underwater model in a zero gravity plane ? (Please answer : challenge accepted). Epic stuff by the way, not disapointed ;)

Gregory L'Esperance's picture

Another off the chart effort by the young Master Von W!!

Matt Allan's picture

That's pretty damned impressive!
Inspiration overload? Check!


Hanny Honeymoon's picture

i love his work! and the painter did an amazing job! looks so nice with the diffrent tones!

James Nelson's picture

Absolutely love Von's work. I'm always amazed at the creativity and originality of his images. It's inspiring.

Kristjan Järv's picture


Stephen Robertson's picture

Seriously awesome!