A Whole New View on Macro Photography with Macropod

Having been enthralled with how the world looks from a macro lens ever since the first Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie its always been fascinating to think what it would be like to see at that scale. The guys at Macroscopic Solutions have come up with a plan to show that vision in the most accurate way possible, with Macropod. A new photographing system by Mark Smith and Daniel SaftnerMark and Daniel have created a system in which the view of macro photography for researchers and teachers in the scientific community is much cleaner and more visible than ever before. Having no limitations in the depth of field that most cameras and lenses have Macropod is able to push the limits and create final images in high detail. 

Earlier this year they had begun a Kickstarter that was sadly unsuccessful but as many entrepreneurs passionate about their ideas they continue to push forward and its notable. Easily some of the most incredible macro shots I have seen, below are stunning images from the camera system as examples of the possibilities. 

To check out more of what Mark and Daniel are up to be sure to check out their site along with their extensive collection of shots at 500px!

[via Gizmodo

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Confused - what exactly is the new product here? Looks like just a bundle of all of the components (hardware and software) that have been available for years... now packaged together with a name "macropod"? I must be missing something?

Edit: LOL, these guys want $21K for this package??? Seriously??? (http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/jan/17/crowdfund-macropod--3d...)

If you already have basic camera gear, you can get this setup yourself for under $1K. Sorry folks, I'm not one to rain on anyone's parade, but this is pure price gouging for the gullible. Not cool.

Spy Black's picture

It looks like an automated stack shooter. Notice all the items are static. Nice concept but their greed will get the better of them. They'll be a Chinese clone of this for $100 by next year...

chris smith's picture

nice pictures....but that price......