11 Secrets To A Great Photo Website From Photoshelter

11 Secrets To A Great Photo Website From Photoshelter

Photoshelter released a new guide 11 Secrets to a Great Photo Website, packed with information and tips about creating and updating websites for your photography business.

The free downloadable guide dives into 11 important points you should keep in mind when building your website to attract potential customers, helping spread word-of-mouth referrals and how to grow your businesses through your website.

The guide features questions that you should ask yourself when self assessing your own website. Things like, What purpose does your website serve? How often do you plan to update your site? Do your images load quickly? How secure are your photos?

Other website topics include:

  • Keeping things clean and simple
  • Consider using full bleed images
  • Being responsive and mobile friendly
  • Being SEO-ready
  • Putting contact info everywhere
  • Becoming ready to sell your work


To download a copy of the guide, be sure to visit Photoshelter's Blog for more info.

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Ihab Mokayed's picture

I've launched my website not so long ago and this is great to know what I can improve in it to make it better, thank you for sharing this with us!

This is ridiculous. Pure marketing piece. How much was FS paid to run this on behalf of photoshelter?

No joke, at least say it's a sponsored post so we know it's full of it
and can skip it (as most blogs do state if it is a sponsored post)!