5 Helpful Tips for Building a Better Photo Portfolio

Your portfolio is your calling card, and as such, it requires a lot of careful thought and care when you are putting it together. If you are looking to build yours into one that attracts clients, check out this helpful video tutorial that discusses five tips sure to put you on the right track to an effective portfolio. 

Coming to you from John Branch IV Photography, this excellent video tutorial discusses five tips for building an effective photo portfolio (and though it is aimed at wedding photographers, the tips apply to just about any genre). Of them, I think the most important is to be really brutal in choosing what gets put on your site. Unfortunately, all it takes is one bad image to put a potential client off your work, even if that single photo is surrounded by a lot of good shots. It is much better to have 10 solid photos in an album than to have 30 that are a mix of good and mediocre. So, do not be afraid to be really honest with yourself about what images make the cut and which stay on your hard drive instead. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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Justin Sharp's picture

1. Not every photo is a good photo
2. Less is more
3. Consistency
4. Show what you want to get
5. Do your best work at every single wedding