Fstoppers Talks With Professional Photographers Live Friday March 13th

Fstoppers Talks With Professional Photographers Live Friday March 13th

Join Patrick and Lee of Fstoppers on Spreecast TONIGHT at 8:30 EST as they talk with a few of the top photographers teaching at the 2015 Fstoppers Workshops.  We will be talking about our upcoming event in the Bahamas while our guests will be answering questions from our audience.  Any topic is fair game so if you want to ask questions about business, retouching, lighting, marketing, or gaining commercial clients the floor will be yours.  

Confirmed guests will be beauty and fashion photographer Julia Kuzmenko, swimwear photographer Joey Wright, advertising and commercial sports photographer Monte Isom, headshot photographer Peter Hurley, and lifestyle photographer Erik Valind.  We might even have a few other special guests logging in as well so tune in early.  


If you missed the Spreecast last night, no worries, we have the full 3+ hour video Here.  The order of photographers by appearance are Julia Kuzmenko, Erik Valind, Joey Wright, Peter Hurley, and Monte Isom.  


All of these photographers will be teaching at this year's 2015 Fstoppers Workshops down in the Bahamas.  Basically our workshop is a place where 10 photography instructors will be running their own workshops all together in one single location.  Because everything is hosted at the Atlantis Resort, all of the students and instructors are able to hang out after hours, mingle, talk shop, have fun, and enjoy both work and vacation in a single workshop.  We also encourage you to bring your friends and family as well to join in on all the fun in paradise.  Last year was a huge success and one of the best workshop experiences I've had in my life.  You can learn more about the workshop in the video below:

If you are interested in attending this year's Fstoppers Workshop you need to act fast.  Most of our classes still have spots left but in early April our ridiculously low Atlantis room rate of $169 a night will expire (prices will go up to $300 a night).  All attendees will also need a valid passport to enter into the Bahamas.  So if you are planning to attend, go ahead and book your hotel room and sign up for your classes now.   We are excited to see a lot of familiar faces from last year but we would also love to meet a bunch of new photographers this year too.  

Here are a few promo videos from just some of the workshops being offered this year:

Erik Valind - On Location Portraiture and Lifestyle Photography


Monte Isom - Advertising Gigs:  How to Get Them, How To Shoot Them

Joey Wright - On Location Swimwear Photography

Matthew Jordan Smith - Fashion Photography on Location

Peter Hurley - Illuminating the Face

Mike Kelley - Shooting and Compositing Light Painted Interiors and Exteriors

For a list of every Instructor teaching at this year's workshop including details about each of the 20 classes being taught, head over to FstoppersWorkshops.com




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Jamie zartman's picture

Location isn't everything, but with Erik Valind it makes a difference

It looks like I didn't win the Fstoppers all expenses trip to Atlantis. I would've loved attending Joey Wright's session. I would do a shoot-out with digital and film. I don't know where I could get film developed, but it would be worth a try.

Patrick Hall's picture

We have not announced the winners of the all expense paid trip yet. The final day to enter is tomorrow.