Google's Photo Tour of Their Sprawling Data Centers

Google is hosting a website that covers "where the internet lives," showing really beautiful images of the data center and folks that make the world's most popular search engine tick. It's a gorgeous site that looks very Windows 8-ish, and the pictures do a fantastic job of capturing the people and places that make your life as easy as you have become accustomed.

Update: We've recently stumbled upon a Youtube video that was posted by Google today showcasing one of their data centers. Enjoy.

These images hardly do the interactive site justice, so make sure you see these and more at

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dhie cacdac's picture

0:24 - day 195: no presence of enemies - Stormtrooper

Interesting! Some are fakes! Well according to Reddit.

Both sides are identically symmetrical, even the missing gaps.

I wish they built Data Centers in abandoned buildings in these smaller towns. Its rad they are creating jobs, and it would be even cooler to have the buildings re-purposed.