How I Finally Made Some Profit From Stock Photography

How I Finally Made Some Profit From Stock Photography

Stock photography can be a futile pursuit, but Adobe Stock instituted a program that finally made participating worthwhile.

Adobe Stock, a stock image and video marketplace created by Adobe, is currently running a promotion where contributors who upload 300+ assets or sell over $500 in earnings for the year will earn a free year of Creative Cloud Photography Plan. Contributors with 300+ approved videos or $500 in video based earnings will receive a free year of Creative Cloud All Apps.

These promotions are worth $120 and $600, respectively and represent serious earning potential if you are already close to one of the milestones. The promotion runs for the rest of the year, and with the delay in image approval, anyone considering going for it should act now. Adobe mentions that a limited number of copies are available, but as I just received my code today, it appears they still have some left.

I’d recommend checking your contributor account at Adobe Stock Contributor and consider if hitting 300 images for the year is realistic. Keep in mind, the terms and conditions require maintaining a 50 opercent or higher approval rating on submitted images to prevent spam contributions. There are 100 images per page on your portfolio, so if you have three full pages of 2018 images, you will be eligible for the promotion.

I’ve really enjoyed using Adobe Stock, as the upload interface provides AI-powered keywording, making the entire upload process for stock amateurs a lot easier. The uploads can take a while to be approved, but for the most part, I agree with their assessments of images that are marketable or not. They are, however, very strict on having things released: distant background logos need to be cloned out, for instance. I haven’t seen a ton of earnings from stock, as some images can sell for as little as 33 cents, but this promotion made my participation throughout this year worthwhile. 

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Alex Coleman's picture

I think there are many views on stock- most of the images I've uploaded aren't in my portfolio, or otherwise available for sale. They are a way to monetize, however small, work that I have already done.

alexdesalta's picture

I disagree with the fees that Adobe pays

Michael Glenn's picture

New headline. "Adobe Stock has so little value that they are giving subscriptions away if you use em."

John Dynia's picture

When you consider the real cost of shooting those shots, your time, effort, the alternative cost of money, you lost money like crazy.

Be 100% sure you know what you're doing with stock photography before you start uploading anything or you might have this happen to you. Nothing illegal about what happened but just be sure about what you upload I guess.

Tom Reichner's picture

The title makes us think the article will be about how to make profits from stock photography. Instead, it's only about getting some stupid bonus freebie that is only worth $120. Getting a one-time free bonus product is not at all akin to making a profit. The title is deceptive clickbait and it is offensive to me that Fstoppers would allow such a shallow article to be published on their site.

Why did you use the title that you used? Why not make a title that is directly about the article's content, such as: Abobe Stock giving away Adobe CC to those who submit 300+ images. I mean, why in the freaking heck didn't you make that your title? What is wrong with you?

What a lying lie of a headline. Fake. Phony baloney.