How Much a Photographer Made in 2020

No doubt, 2020 was one of the most difficult years ever for a lot of us, and maintaining a business was a tremendous challenge. This great video features a photographer breaking down his income for the year in exact amounts to give you a good idea of how things have changed since the start of the pandemic.

Coming to you from Eric Floberg, a Chicago-based photographer, this informative video discusses his income in 2020 from a variety of different sources. I think by far the most important lesson of Floberg's discussion and of this year in general is the vital importance of having multiple income streams so you can fall back on the others if one suddenly dries up. As you will see, Floberg works in a ton of different income streams, including wedding photography, commercial work, mentoring, YouTube, affiliate links, a Patreon page, and more. Given the pandemic's impact on the wedding industry, I am sure Floberg was very happy to have such a wide variety of ways to make money, and they certainly provided a lot more financial security than if he relied solely on just one or two pursuits. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Floberg. 

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all shekel he need betr shirt!

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He would probably make more money if he was actually a good photographer - I made more just in scaled back commercial studio work in the last 3 months by focusing (no pun intended) on servicing important clients with qualitative delivery of images - So perhaps instead of trying to be popular and giving people poorly advised pseudo nonsense on social media he should maybe pay more attention to what the commercial is doing

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He said he was a wedding photographer, the business model is entirely different than commercial photography. If you are going to be so critical of other's work you should consider putting some of your own quality work in your portfolio so that others may learn from your superiority.