Photoflex May Have A Chance To Live Another Day

Well it has been a rollercoaster for the team over at Photoflex, makers of some of my favorite studio lighting accessories. First, they pulled what many thought was an April fools joke by announcing that they were closing their doors as of late March 31st. Then, they sent out a press release stating they had to close their business due to "health issues" as well as the increasingly competitive market (cough cough cheap knock-off photo accessories flooding the market). Well, it looks like they have some life left in them after all and I couldn't be happier for their team.

Many rumors have been flying around since they first announced they were going out of business a few weeks back. I've heard behind closed doors that the company had been struggling for the last few years, but had been doing their best to keep going. I can only speculate which company will be partnering or straight out buying what remains of Photoflex, but I hope they keep putting out their quality products that I have appreciated and used hard over the years. Also, will the new partnership or company know how to defeat the aggressive photography accessory knock-off competitors? Only time will tell...

I've been reaching out to members of the Photoflex Pro community to get their thoughts (I'll add to this as I receive more responses):

"I've been one of the Photoflex Pro Photographers for about 4 years and focus on their light modifiers. A few employees even coined me as 'reflector-girl,' so it was a shock to hear about their decision to close. I still use their reflectors on every shoot. I'm glad there's a buyer out there that also sees their worth. Keeping Photoflex in business is a great move." - Kristi Sherk

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Kendra Paige's picture

All I can say is I'm glad it was an April Fools joke after all!
(I know it wasn't, but glad it's turning out well!)

Andrew Knies's picture

I have some photoflex modifiers. They work great. I have them because they were handed down from the studio I used to work at.

But can we agree that with the rise in competition, they need to reinvent their brand? They can't rely on farming their "proven system," and should get out and hunt!

"Intentionally destroying your business model, products, and services can feel uncomfortable and even painful, but destruction enables unrestricted creativity while providing newfound flexibility and depth."

Great read. Better and Faster by Jeremy Gutsche (CEO of