Seven Ways to Organically Grow Your Instagram Following

For some of us, growing our social media isn’t where we excel and we need some help or advice on how we can improve our following. Over the years, social media platforms have grown and changed. Many photographers have left Facebook or are in the process of ditching it for their photo-sharing application Instagram and putting all their efforts into this platform instead. So how do you grow your following on Instagram?

Photographer Sheldon Evans shares seven tips on how to grow your Instagram following organically by sharing tips he used this year to double his following, which you can check out his account @sheldonevansphoto. Some of these tips I have heard before and I have put into practice recently. I know I have to put more time into engaging with the community as Evans shares; this is one tip that helps. I usually post my photo and jump back out of the app.

I never really put too much effort into growing my following before, but I decided to give it a try recently to see how much I can improve my following and how it benefits me in return. Instagram has gone through some changes recently so hopefully it’s not too late, but I don’t really see another contender coming up.

Are you using any apps to help you check your insights? What are some tips you have used to help grow your Instagram following?

[via Sheldon Evans]

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Kevin Batchelor's picture

Some solid advice in here but I would suggest not placing the hashtags in the first comment of your post. The shadow ban is real and I’ve noticed posts where I hashtag in the comments is a nearly guaranteed way to make my post not show up under the hashtags.

Henry Lam's picture

Awesome post, is there a way to do the text replacement technique on an Android system?

Scott Ruffner's picture

He talks so fast I couldn't follow him without pausing the video. Also constantly waving his hands in front of your face I found very annoying!

Adam Blake's picture

When you are first starting out I strongly recommend collaborating with people who have more followers than you. This is difficult for people who do landscape type work or do not work with other creators but for many who shoot brands, models, editorial work, try to make sure to provide good content to the other person. That way when they share those photos that will in turn drive their followers to your account. Usually anytime someone posts one of my pictures I then in turn share photos of that model on my page or in my story. Sharing photos in your story is a great way to engage people as well and bring them to your page. Post regularly and pre-upload your posts so that even when your busy you can get photos up in just a few taps. (i'm terrible at this) Also, put those hashtags in the original post not the comments #shaddowban. Hashtags are added based upon the time the photo was uploaded, not when the hash tag was added. If you don't do it right away your photo winds up getting buried under the new posts.