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Where Is the Best Place to Sell Your Photos in 2021?

While most of us are not full-time stock photographers, the idea of selling some of our work online to earn some passive income on the side is quite appealing. That being said, there are literally dozens of places to sell your work, so which is the right choice? This great video takes you through a photographer's earnings on many different sites throughout 2021 so far and discusses his experience. 

Coming to you from Photerloo, this informative video takes a close look at his earnings selling on many different photo sites over the first half of 2021. For years, I was lazy about selling my growing collection of photos, but this summer, I finally got around to setting up a store, and by far, the hardest part was choosing where to actually sell my images. I ended up choosing Fine Art America for two reasons. First, I wanted a service that was totally hands-off for me, only requiring me to upload images and set a price, not bothering me with printing, framing, and shipping. Second, Fine Art America has a fantastic embeddable store that I simply dropped into my website code, meaning I didn't have to set up another site, and my customers got a professional experience right on my own site. Still, you may prefer another service. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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J.d. Davis's picture

Just went to fineartamerica -celebrity section and guess what? I found almost all of the images to be plagiarized work! I would not want to be associated with any gallery or person who is so blatantly bad at ripping off work.

A 40 cent sale? 40 CENTS? You spend more in electrons than 40 CENTS...

No, boys & girls, none of these places are even almost close to being 'best, they all have a long way to go just to be sub-standard/mediocre!