Why Photographers Hate My Images: Part Two

I recently published an article about why photographers hate my images here, and I think I may have missed a few points, as well as feeling the need to cover more about why most photographers don't understand person work.

This video is a response to the comments section of my previous article, as well as to some of the direct messages and emails that I have received off the back of it.

The original article talks about why many photographers don't like my images, whilst I manage to lead a career shooting world wide ad campaigns as a commercial food photographer. The comments section was incredibly interesting to read. I found one main point being made was that if you were a professional that you shoot what pays and that you do what the person with the money wants to see, where as hobbyists do what they want and just for themselves. I personally find this to be completely untrue, and in this video I go over why it is not what I have found as well as why this is sending a lot of aspiring photographers down the wrong track.

The further points that I make are to discuss where this confusion comes from, looking at the difference in advice coming from internet photography personalities compared to the realities of what professional commercial photographers do. I am a big fan of YouTube as well as a lot of the YouTubers who perhaps give off the false terms and ideologies of what being a commercial photographer is, but I feel a vast percentage of the population are being miss lead on several of the key points that I raise in this video. 

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Almost every single person agreed with you on your last article, so I'm not sure what the point of this post is? And if everyone did agree with you, is the title of this article even true?

Scott Choucino's picture

It is clarifying a few points that were discussed in the comments and to discuss them further predominantly.

I agree Jeremy Strange. It’s almost as if he’s doing a 2-for-1 on his article quota.

Alison Pristley's picture

Good post and I liked these works from the very first post. Not sure whether people really hate your works but I'd love them. Last year I prepared a smartshow 3d presentation about Andy Warhol's art for the college course and these photos remind me of that time very much. Oh that sleepless night with Google and attempts to create some last minute magic, haha!

Off-topic, but I'm super jealous of your office space. I thought I was being ridiculous wanting more than 3 monitors but now I feel validated in my desire for more screen real estate, so thank you for that :)