Capture One 12: A Re-Designed User Interface, New Tools, and More

Capture One 12: A Re-Designed User Interface, New Tools, and More

Capture One is a professional raw image converter which offers you beautiful rich colors and precise detail for getting the maximum out of your camera's raw files. In its latest release, Capture One 12 reveals a newly re-designed user interface with ease of use and speeding up your workflow at its core.

Capture One 12 is now more customizable with new iconography that does a better job of conveying to you the tools and their functionality. You will also find a re-designed shortcut manager with more than 500 assignable and customizable commands.

The menu system has been revamped according to its logical function making it easier for you to navigate the user interface, allowing you to work quicker, smarter, and you may even notice that it feels noticeably smoother thanks to the latest performance enhancements under the hood.

One new tool worth getting excited about is the new Luminosity masking feature which allows you to easily create a mask to control the Luma Range of your raw file. You can quickly create a mask of the brightest or darkest pixels in an image and make subtle changes way faster than you ever could before.

Capture One 12 New Features

There is also a new Linear gradient mask and a radial gradient mask which is useful for creating quick subtle realistic looking vignettes in your images. The masks can be rotated and adjusted after creation for maximum control.

One thing to be aware of though, if you are new to Capture One 12 you may find the interface a little intimidating at first, that is until you realize how easy it is to customize the software to suit your personal workflow. 

You can check out the new interface in the video below.

With support for over 500 cameras and lenses, Capture One 12 may be just the thing you are looking for to unleash your creativity. If you have never used it before or are thinking of upgrading to the latest version, you can download a free 30-day trial of Capture One 12 and test it out for yourself.

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Tom Fuldner's picture

Totally agree. They nailed it with this release. Capture One 12 is professional software done right.

Spy Black's picture

Why can't CO and LR just have standard masking tools? How 'bout a simple editable square mask? Or the ability to invert any mask? I find masking in both these apps utterly crude compared to what I can do in ANY image editor. Even the open source RAW processing app Darktable has editable spline tools. Sheesh!

Will it handle SIGMA Merrill RAW files?

Christopher Nolan's picture

This is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS, ..... UNREAL!!!! How dare this company charge ME for a product that I use to make money, ..... so OUT OF CONTROL!!!!
I mean WTF, this cost me $156.90, ...... now I am going to have find an extra $3.03 a week, ..... oh well, I guess I will just charge an extra $10/shoot for a digitech, ..... oh, wait, WOW, there I go, making more money from my purchase, ... #BOOM!

Paid for, downloaded, installed, ..... like the updated look, and quickly tested out the Luminosity masking feature, those 2 features alone are worth the extra $12/month, ... money well spent!

PS: Remember when Photoshop use to cost $1599.00

Johnny Rico's picture

I'm just excited to see what features they add to C1 Pro 13 in 8 months for $200

Michael Devaney's picture


Upgrading to 12 has made my catalogs unusable, support is horrible with 24-48 hour responses that don't help. I was recommended to downgrade back to 11 but all my catalogs are corrupt and only able to be opened by c1-12.

I'm using 32gb Ram 4ghz, iMac 5k late 2014 w/ MacOS Mojave 10.14 and Capture One 12

My issues:

Multi Image Export does not work
Opening Images in Photoshop gets altered white balance info (created by capture one)
Processing does not work