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Lou Reed, the Unexpected Landscape Photographer

Like any truly talented artist, rock musician Lou Reed, who passed on Sunday at 71, worked in more genres than simply songwriting. Inspired by his close friend pop artist Andy Warhol, Reed explored landscape photography, often working with a digital camera converted for infrared. This body of work, known as “Romanticism,” was shown in 2009 at the Adamson Gallery in Washington, DC.

Nine Tips to Create a Killer Silhouette

Southern California photography team Brett and Tori love shooting silhouettes and over the years have picked up some simple tips that help them nail killer shots time and time again. Read on to discover 9 of their great tips you can use on your next shoot and see some of the beautiful silhouettes shot by Brett and Tori.

When the Sky Gives You Clouds Like These, Just Go Shoot

When the weather gods do something crazy, don't ask questions; just say thank you. You can try and plan your outdoor photography until you're blue in the face, but sometimes, when it starts to look like the conditions might be epic, you need to be spontaneous and just get out there.

5 Simple Tips for Getting Better Landscape Photos in Mountains

Sadly, there is no linear relation between the effort to get a photo and the quality of it. However, if there was, mountain landscape photography would be of the highest quality. In this article, I will share five tips to upping your photography quality in the mountains.

[Pics] Breathtaking Fairy Tale Scenes by Kirsty Mitchell

Tragedy struck Kirsty Mitchell four years ago when her mother passed away from a brain tumor. As a way of processing through the grief, Kirsty decided to pick up a camera and get lost in the world of photography. With an incredible imagination and extreme patience, Kirsty created some unbelievable fairy tale images to honor her mother by recreating the stories she was told as a child.

Behind the Scenes of Nat Geo's ‘The Last Honey Hunter’

It takes skill and experience to create compelling documentary films, and just one facet of that process is capturing the footage. Traditional films are usually shot on the ground, perhaps on a tripod or some other mount, and there are plenty of challenges inherent to that process. But have you ever tried to capture footage while hanging from a rope and getting swarmed by Himalayan honey bees? And you thought your job was tough.

How A Photographer And Team Of Climbers Lit Up The Matterhorn Mountain

Mountaineering photographer Robert Böesch stood at the ready, next to several cameras as he waited for the right conditions and timing, to capture an unbelievable exposure of the Matterhorn Peak, one of the most notable mountains in the Alps, if not the world. What made the image so special was the team of mountaineers already in place, each with red lights to illuminate the first route ascended on it 150 years ago. This video shows how it was done.

Skylum Wants to Completely Reimagine Editing with Luminar AI

Luminar software from Skylum has had a tremendous impact with many photo editors, bringing a lot of Photoshop and Lightroom-esque features along with some one-of-a-kind capabilities like one-click sky replacement and AI-based features for landscape and portrait photographers.

A Foggy Landscape Shot With an Unconventional Focal Length

What happens when one photographer wanders through a foggy scene with only a prime lens that we don't typically associate with landscapes? If this was you, do you think you'd be successful or frustrated using this particular prime in this scene?

5 Ways to Give Back as a Photographer

Are you doing well in photography? Do you have a cause you believe in? Your skills and pictures can help the world more than you might have thought.

17 Awesome Star Trail Images

Shooting a star trail is something that is easy on paper: using just the equipment you already own, aiming to the sky and shooting long exposure. But in reality it takes months and years to really perfect your craft and create amazing star trail images. In the past we featured a tutorial on sky photography, and also this amazing star trail image NASA photographer shot from space - now it's time to show you some amazing results of different photographers around the world. Check them out and let us know which ones are your favorites.

Stunning Wildlife Photography: Staged or Candid?

It's difficult to denounce nature photography, especially when the shots look this good. The hours that Konsta Punkka has put into his photography are not to be sniffed at, but is it unfair if the animals are fed in order to achieve the look?

Wildlife Photographer Charms a Wolf Pack

In wildlife photography, and being in the wilderness in general, there's always a risk that you'll meet one of the many wild and territorial creatures that calls it home. In this video, a photographer meets a (seemingly wild) pack of wolves that fight amongst themselves, yet remain gentle and affectionate towards him.

How A Professional Photographer Should Document A Vacation

Don't you dread viewing your friend's and family's vacation pictures and videos? Even when I go on vacation I take so many bad pictures and videos that I don't even want to go back and view them again. What if we spent a little more time on our next vacation and shot pictures and stills with a particular project in mind? That is what this couple did and now they have a tight 4 minute video that is fun for anyone to watch. Check out the full post for another vacation video shot with a GoPro.
Can You Save a Photo Through Lightroom Editing Alone?

While it's important to get things right at the source, if you've made that age-old mistake of not changing your camera settings before taking the shot, is it possible to recover the photo? Or is it destined for the recycling bin?

Behind The Scenes At Sigma: An Unexpectedly Captivating Tour Of Their Aizu, Japan Factory

This has got to be one of the most beautifully filmed behind the scenes videos I have ever seen. Sigma recently released this tour of their factory, set to an incredible ambient soundtrack by Voytak and cut with scenes of the Japanese countryside. The juxtaposition of the clinical interior scenes with the natural outside world were very effective and to be honest, I found the whole video somewhat powerful. Then again,

Review Of The New UL (Ultralight) Loka Backpack From F-Stop Gear

Known for its top of the line outdoor adventure camera bags and backpacks, F-Stop Gear recently unveiled the Loka Ultralight, or "UL," a revision of the popular Loka backpack. In this review I’ll go over the differences between the UL relative to its older brother, and point out who this pack is and isn’t for.

Life on the Road: DesignEgg's Andy Wickstrom on Photography, Business, and Travel

Many of us dream about the idea of traveling, and using our skills as photographers, filmmakers, or designers to sustain a lifestyle that allows us to travel and work at the same time. Guys like Elia Locardi come to mind, but his methods are just one of many different ways to make a nomadic working lifestyle a sustainable one, and in this article I’ll tell you the story behind Wickstrom Design.

X-Plore Timelapse Project Brings Together Top Timelapse Artists For One Incredible Film

With hopes of saving at-risk environments and capturing them before they are gone forever, a team of 15 timelapse artists have decided to join forces and create a feature film. Eric Hines, Michael Shainblum, Drew Geraci, and Joe Capra are just a few of the names on the "CodeX" roster. They are crowdfunding to try and make this project a reality, and I spoke with team member Ben Canales on why this project matters.

What to Do When You Just Don’t Have Anything Worth Photographing

Have you ever made the effort to go out and look for something beautiful to photograph, only to find that it just wasn’t happening for you? Like many of us, Steve O’Nions has, and instead of just chalking it up to failure, he tells us why it's ok to not get it every now and then.

Go Behind The Scenes On "The Great Human Odyssey" - A Documentary On The Origin Of Our Species

A group of filmmakers from Edmonton, Alberta have been working on a three-part science and nature documentary called The Great Human Odyssey. I recently spoke with some of the crew to learn more about how a production team approaches a project that involves planning and shooting in some of the most remote environments in the world. Check out their behind the scenes video, but read on for more videos and insight into their process.

The Aurora Borealis As You've Never Seen It

When I tell people that I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, everyone always asks me what it's like to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). I always try to explain how it looks by relating it to a laser show or smoke streams but I've never found a way to describe it to someone who hasn't seen it for themselves. Two days ago Terje Sorgjerd created the best visual representation of the Aurora Borealis I have ever seen from Pas National Park near the Russian border. Using a timelapse dolly from Dynamic Perceptions, a Canon 5D Mark II, and a few wide angle lenses, Terje was able to take long exposure iamges and size them down to create an 4K video masterpiece. Check out the Geophysical Institute if you live near the North Pole and want to monitor the activity of the Aurora.
Justin Carrasquillo's Breathtaking African Landscapes

Take a look at this incredible series of images from LA photographer Justin Carrasquillo. These landscapes were captured in Tanzania and Botswana. He was there on assignment to photograph a 30-day safari adventure. Carrasquillo took all of these photographs in his spare time. I'd say it was time well spent! It's a stunning set of images that fits well into his already solid portfolio.

How to Photograph Dangerous Animals up Close Without Getting Killed

Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas has come up with creative means of getting close to some of the world’s most dangerous and shyest animals. Check out this short video to find out some of his gadgets for getting shots that would otherwise be impossible without putting yourself in a lot of danger or scaring off your subject.

Fine Art Landscape Photography (Part 3): The Introvert Mind Featuring Simon Baxter

We’ve had our first snowfall of the year here in the Netherlands. It’s one of those instances when most people stay indoors, while just about every landscape photographer is aching to feel the snow on their face. One of them is acclaimed British Landscape Photographer Simon Baxter, who I've asked to help me analyze the introvert mind.

Seascape Photography That Makes You Wish You Were There

Here in the lovely freezing area of the the Inland Northwest, looking at images of the beach just warms me up even if it's cold in those locations. Looking through these shots really gives me that feeling and really makes me wish I could go to each location get away from this cold.

Photographer Jack Dykinga Celebrates 100 Years of Grand Canyon National Park

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of The Grand Canyon’s designation as a National Park, but for Arizona resident and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Jack Dykinga, that’s not the only milestone to celebrate this year. For Dykinga, this summer also marks the 5th anniversary of his life-saving double lung transplant. Both occasions are being celebrated in the summer-long exhibition Jack Dykinga: The Grand Canyon National Park (1919-2019) at Tucson, Arizona’s Etherton Gallery.

Yes, You'll Need Those Crazy Glasses to Shoot the Upcoming Solar Eclipse

The first solar eclipse in almost a century will be visible across the entire United States on August 21 this year. That means if you’re looking to catch a photograph of it, it’s time to gear up. When I was a younger (read: greener) photographer, my first instinct would be to point the camera at the sun and let it rip. That’s a really bad idea. You’ll want to prepare both your own eyes and your camera to shoot this rare event properly.

Jonas Peterson Discusses his Astonishing Wedding Photos From Kenya

Australian wedding photographer Jonas Peterson is one of the best around, shooting extravagant weddings in exotic locations on a regular basis. A recent wedding he shot in Kenya may be the most incredible though, described by Peterson as “easily one of the most amazing experiences of my life.” I recently contacted Jonas to ask for more information about his breathtaking images from the Masai Mara, and he was kind enough to share with me his experiences on the beautiful reserve in Kenya.


Drone Crashes Into Icelandic Volcano Capturing Its Own Incredible Demise

There are few videos I have clicked on faster than a drone filming itself crashing into a volcano in Iceland. This video shows a DJI first-person view drone as it records the rivers of lava flowing out of Fagradalsfjall before plummeting into a fiery death, all in glorious 4K.

The Art and Science of Photography: Color Theory

Let me first say, for reasons that will become clear momentarily, that I’m a six-foot-seven-inch tall male who weighs approximately 200 pounds and has about a week’s (…okay, week-and-a-half’s) worth of stubble. And my favorite color is pink. Did you just do a double-take?

Five Steps to Photography Greatness

A chilly September morning. The crispness in the air added weight to the solemn moment. My composition was all figured out. I patiently waited for the final elements to come into place.

Review: Next Level Astrophotography With the Fornax Mounts LighTrack II

As shutter speed is the limiting factor in taking pictures of the night sky, we often seek out more expensive lenses that open up that bit more or check Fstoppers if there’s a new low-light, high-ISO king of cameras on the horizon. But what if I told you that there’s a device you can use today, with the camera and lens you already have, that has the potential to capture places that are light years away from Earth?

Finn Beales: From Mountain Dweller to World-Class Photographer

Have you ever felt with limited in your creative field because of where you live? Finn Beales has done what most in his region only dream of: escaping that limitation and embracing the world around him to create his own path as a professional photographer.

[Video] Nat Geo Photographer Shoots The Worlds Largest Cave

National Geographic photographer Boyd Matson takes us on a 25 minute journey through the 2.5-mile Hang Son Doong cave along the Vietnam-Laos border. This cave is 3 times the height of Niagara Falls and has a complete Jungle growing inside of it. If you have any interest in photography, biology, or geography, you have got to check out this video. Thanks to Dale Travers for submitting this video.
"Life In Focus" Web Series Tells The Story Of Outdoor Photographers

Tim Kemple has "always been an adventurer, an explorer, a climber", but how did he make the transition into being a photographer? A new web mini-series from F-Stop Gear is setting out to tell the story of outdoor and adventure photographers. In this premier episode, Tim Kemple shares his background while running around the mountains in France, and he explains what it takes to capture images in those environments.

Shoot, Print, And Frame A Massive Peter Lik Style Photograph On A Budget

If you have seen Peter Lik's work in person then you understand that it's impossible to put into words the look and quality of his prints. Peter's photography (and his post production) is fantastic, but what really makes his work stand out is his printing and presentation. If his images were printed on standard photo paper at a standard size, his work would not have the same "wow" factor.

How to Photograph Tiny, Quickly Moving Birds

Wildlife photographers deploy a range of tactics when attempting to capture birds, and those which are very easily scared and move incredibly quickly offer a particular challenge. This video shows you some tactics to deploy in order to get some fantastic photos.