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Van Life and Landscape Photography Equal Opportunity

As a full-time van dweller and landscape photographer, I’ve come to appreciate the virtues of the pairing. The ability to park up in comfortable accommodations near or at your desired shooting location is tremendously valuable. To do this daily is invaluable.

An Interview With Celin Serbo On Shooting A 10 Day Climbing Expedition For The North Face

Where we’re going, we don’t have roads. The North Face sent photographer Celin Serbo on assignment to an area near Canyonlands National Park to capture stills of Alex Honnold, Daniel Woods, and Matt Segal establishing new climbs in a place called Labyrinth Canyon. In this post, Celin reveals the challenges of shooting a 10 day expedition, and shares his amazing images.

Incredible Photograph Of Lightning Striking The Grand Canyon

In this amazing split second moment of time, Travis Roe captured a bolt of lighting striking the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

The once in a lifetime photograph was shot last year but recently surfaced after Roe submitted the image to the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Five Methods To Recover From A Creative Collapse

Whether we're a photographer, graphic designer, painter, musician or dancer... throughout our career, we’ll slam right into a rock solid wall and it some cases it can be so traumatizing that some of us may never recover. It’s not really a question of if; it’s a question of when and if you’re a new artist then brace yourself, there will come a time when things just don’t click. I’ll be honest; I hit that wall with writing for Fstoppers this past month. Writing 1,000 words once a week is no easy feat, I figure it's only appropriate to write about this very topic as I sit here in recovery from a creative collapse.

Why You Should Always Carry a Telephoto Lens for Landscapes

One of the most challenging aspects of landscape photography is finding a composition that does justice to the beauty we see and experience in the field. In this article, in addition to following professional photographer Mads Peter Iversen into the field for a day of moody telephoto photography, we'll also discuss a few ways that utilizing a long telephoto lens can help you drastically increase your opportunities for finding a compelling composition in nature.

Tips for Wildlife Photography in the Rain

Adverse weather conditions can make shooting more difficult, but can also yield more interesting and attractive images. Here are some tips for photographing wildlife in the rain.

Amazing Landscape Photography By Alonso Díaz

I love when I run across landscape photography that just draws you in and almost makes you feel like you're there at the location. Staring at the images as if you were actually looking at the sunset or the forest. Either way, Alonso Díaz's work does that for me. The colors, locations, exposures bring it all together in a perfect, stunning way.

When Adorable Animals Find the Spy Camera

One good thing that has come from this awful situation is that the animal kingdom has come out of hiding. See how these hidden spy cameras were discovered in the cutest way by some curious creatures.

How Wildlife Filmmakers Are Getting Closer Than Ever Before

In the last few years, advances in technology have allowed for filmmakers to do some pretty amazing things. With the accessibility of cameras like the Go-Pro, the gap between amateur and pro is narrowing. Enter award-winning wildlife filmmaker John Downer and his quest to push the remarkable. Filmmakers are putting these high-resolution spy cameras in everything from fake rocks to swimming ducks and to motorized piles of snow... and the resulting footage is remarkable.

Kayaker Slapped in Face by an Octopus-Wielding Seal

This one is for real. An octopus-wielding seal singled out a particular kayaker from the group and made it very clear his presence wasn't welcome in another moment of pure, spontaneous, GoPro gold.

Breathtaking Time-Lapse of Arizona's Monsoon Season

Over the summer, photographer Mike Olbinski spent an astounding 48 days on the road chasing storms during the monsoon season in his home state of Arizona. His epic new video, “Monsoon II,” is a captivating collection of the best of the best time-lapse footage he captured during his extended time on the road witnessing these giant storm systems. This is one time-lapse video you need to check out.

10,000 Photos Go Into Making These Stunning Three-Meter Insect Prints

London-based Sports and Portrait Photographer Levon Biss wanted to see how he could take his commercial lighting techniques into the world of macro photography. After attaching a microscope assembly to the end of his DSLR lens and getting some samples from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Biss was able to achieve extremely detailed, high resolution three-meter prints of 10 mm insects.

The Secret To Photographing Rock Climbing Is... A Ladder?

It just might be, although not used in the traditional way. An image of adventure photographer Corey Rich and free-climber Alex Honnold shows Corey shooting photos from an extended ladder, on the side of a rock face that is several hundred feet in the air. Shooting rock climbing photos can often be a challenge, and I for one have done it a few times but never considered a ladder before. As you can see in the full image,

A Breathtaking BTS Look at Clark Little's Shorebreak Photography

Clark Little captures the unique beauty inside of and looking through powerful Hawaiian shorebreak waves. In 2007 he told his wife not to bother buying a picture of the local shorebreak she brought home. He instead went out to create one himself. Being a surfer, he was already confident getting out in the thick of it.

Macro Photographer Tests the Venus KX-800 Twin Flash, Gets Brilliant Results

Venus recently released the KX-800 Twin Flash for macro photography which updates their previous KR-800 model. The new KX-800 model features stronger articulating arms that promise to hold their position better than before. In this review, macro photographer Thomas Shahan examines the Venus Twin Flash and goes over how to get the best results in real-world application.

How to Photograph a Glowing Tent under a Starlit Sky

It’s one of those iconic images that makes your camping trip look like an epic experience of a lifetime. In this segment of AdoramaTV’s “Getting the Shot,” Corey Rich takes the mystery out of how to capture your own glowing tent photo. From gear to technique, this video goes over all the basics to have you prepared for your next adventure.

Five Tips For Getting Better Natural Insect Macro Photography

Macro photography specifically the insect type is a world unto itself when it comes to the tools and techniques needed. Getting high-quality portraits of some of the smallest and most import creatures on the planet takes a steady hand and plenty of patience. With better cameras and more affordable lens options, it's even easier now to give insect photography a try.

How to Properly Pack Your Photography Bag for the Outdoors

Thomas Heaton is a landscape photographer based in the United Kingdom and has grown exponentially in popularity since gaining steam on his YouTube channel in the early part of 2016. While known for giving a great professional insight into the world of professional photography, he’s also a great educator on handling yourself in the outdoors. In his latest video, Heaton goes through the entire contents of his hiking backpack and explains each items utility and how it fits together as a system.

1000 Miles, 100 Days: One Photographer's Journey

Photographer Carlton Ward Jr. doesn't want to save the world with his imagery but he definitely wants to try and save Florida. Specifically, a wildlands passageway that connects the Everglades of southern Florida to the Okefenokee swamp in Southern Georgia. For 100 days in 2012, he, along with a filmmaker, bear biologist and conservationist, crossed the entire state in a continuous path using kayaks, paddleboards, bicycles, horses and their own feet. The visual chronicle was recently published as a book and broadcast as a PBS special.

Fstoppers Interview With Outdoor Adventure Photographer Celin Serbo

This past November while on a trip to Colorado, I had the chance to meet up with Celin Serbo, an outdoor lifestyle photographer whose client list includes the likes of Nikon, Backpacker Magazine, Nat Geo Adventure, and First Ascent, among many others. We spoke about the challenges of capturing images in the field, the importance of being business-savvy, and the obstacles of incorporating filmmaking into the services he offers.

How to Discover Unique Landscape Photography Spots Before Takeoff

Getting ready for your next landscape photography expedition? If you want to bring back winning shots, you need a variety of great places to shoot. Points of interest are easy to find, but the easy-to-find places are prime targets for hordes of tourists.

Fearless Photogs: CBS's Look At The Adventurous Filmmakers From Sender Films

CBS's Jeff Glor recently interviewed Pete Mortimer, known mostly for his work on this Citibank Commercial and the 60 Minutes special on free solo climber Alex Honnold. In this interview, Pete discusses the mental attitude needed for his line of work, and emphasizes how crucial safety is while dangling off of a rock. During the interview, a rock actually breaks loose in a brief moment of danger, which illustrates just how dangerous things can become. Embedded video in the full post.

Getting The Shot: Kayaker Dropping Off A 65-foot Waterfall

Bugs, rain, rough terrain and carrying gear– forget about all of that. Shift your focus and get creative all of a sudden. Think: how can you approach taking an image that you'll have just one chance to get, but also capture it in a unique way? One take is all Tim Kemple had, and using a Phase One camera, he scored this shot of kayaker Tyler Bradt going over a waterfall in the jungles of Mexico.

Exploration Is Key to Making Unique Landscape Photos

Contemporary landscape photography is dominated by the same 20-50 locations. We have all seen specific locations being reproduced and reinterpreted repeatedly, and only a few stand out from the crowd. The key to making unique landscape photos is very simple: find something new to photograph.

The Dying Breath of a Snowflake

Macro photography is already difficult enough to master in my opinion. You have very small subjects that are usually moving around and capturing them at the closest possible distance takes loads of practice, and patience. Russian photographer Andrew Osokin has obviously put it some serious time honing his craft. He shoots wonderful images of your standard flowers and insects, but in my opinion his winter work is where he truly stands out.

From Sydney to the Outback: Julie Fletcher's Incredible Australian Landscapes

After becoming disenchanted by a mundane lifestyle in Sydney Australia 12 years ago, Julie Fletcher escaped and found solace in travelling throughout and photographing the remote and wild lands of Australia. Capturing the colours of the desert to the night sky, Fletcher has produced a formidable and impressive body of work which illustrates the majesty the Australian landscape exudes.

Incredible Macro Photographs Showcase the Unseen Details of Insects

Donald Jusa’s macro photography captures the beautiful, usually unseen details of insects. Jusa’s colorful images showcase the strange and colorful bodies of insects collected in the forests of Indonesia. Using a technique called focus stacking, which merges several images to create greater depth, Jusa creates highly detailed portraits.

Tips and Tricks for Cold Weather Photography

Winter is coming. Scratch that — winter is here. Are you prepared to brave the cold to keep shooting? Check out these cold weather photography tips.

Landscape Photography By Carlos Resende

"My name is Carlos Resende. I am 41 years old and I live in Lisbon, Portugal. I am an amateur photographer who is very passionate about the art of landscape photography.
Not having inherited any photographic genes in my DNA, I would say that photography came into my life by accident. It resulted from my need to find a replacement for my previous ‘hobby’ which used to be Archery.

BTS: Capturing Hollywood's Cougars On The Prowl Over Los Angeles

National Geographic contributor and wildlife photographer Steve Winter just created what might be one of the most striking photos I can remember seeing in recent memory: A 125 pound mountain lion, staring straight into the camera, with the background illuminated by the lights of downtown Los Angeles.

Game of Thrones Season 4 - Wight Attack Sequence Behind-the-Scenes

The ever talented team at Scanline VFX have posted their most recent BTS video of the popular wight fight scene from the Game of Thrones Season 4 Finale. In this run down you can see the incredible detail and heavy visual effects work that goes into each and every scene from that fight. This one sequence has been remored to be one of the most expensive scenes created for the show.

Filmmaker Makes Us Second Guess What the Real Horrors of Our World Are

Filmmaker Walter Stoehr just released his newest project, "Horrible Prospects." It's a timely short with all that is going on in our world; with a new president in the U.S., there is much that is unknown for the future. But what goes bump in the night is actually more scary than you might think.

'Muir Song' Will Inspire You to Photograph the Great Outdoors This Earth Day

Documentary Filmmaker Janssen Powers makes me want to go to the mountains immediately. The beautiful Pacific Northwest is on amazing display in "Muir Song," an ode to naturalist and conservationist John Muir. Fittingly released on what would have been his 178th birthday, Powers takes us on a beautiful journey through the mountains and sea. If after watching this video you haven't booked your tickets (or if you're lucky to live there and don't go outside immediately), there is truly something wrong with you.

Most Popular Photographs On Stumbleupon is an amazing resource for photography or anything for that matter. I was bored one day and decided to hop on there and ran across these amazing images on They very from spectacular landscapes to powerful portraits.

'Spy in the Wild', a New BBC Series uses Animatronic Animals Rigged with Cameras to Film Wildlife

A new upcoming BBC four-part series titled "Spy in the Wild" uses 34 realistic animatronic creatures, equipped with UHD cameras to observe wildlife activity from closer than ever before. The myriad of undercover animals were placed all over our planet, from deserts, to rainforests, as well as the polar regions. With the intention to record real animal emotions, display their similarities with humans, and acknowledge the links between all living things on earth. The topics discussed for each of the four episodes include love, friendships, mischief, and intelligence.

[Pics] Seven Amazing Climbing Photos And How They Were Made

When it comes to getting the shot, I can't think of many genres of photography where more guts are required than that of climbing photography. Not only do the climbers have to scale seemingly impossible routes, but the photographers are more often than not right on the wall with the climbers, lugging DSLRs and a few lenses up with them too. Check out some jaw-dropping photos after the jump.
[Video] Shooting Landscape Photography At Garden Of The Gods

Photographer Lewis Carlyle at Sun Gallery Photography has been exploring some amazing landscapes and sharing their beauty in his series American Photographic. This video explores Garden of the Gods in Colorado, including info on the challenges of shooting there, as well as a history lesson. What landscape destinations are on your list to visit?
HDR Timelapse Video Explained In Detail

A few months ago, Patryk Kizny with Dito Gear shared a really amazing video called The Chapel with Fstoppers. I was absolutely blown away by the footage but I knew our readers would want to know exactly how he created it. So I was able to persuade Patryk to create a second video that outlined exactly what he did to create the original HDR timelapse images featured in The Chapel. With just a few Canon DSLRs, a magic arm, and a Dito Omni Slider, Patryk created a really unique looking video made from HDR stills. If you have any additional questions about the making of this video, leave them in the comment section and I'm sure Patryk will be happy to answer them. Click the full post to watch the original video in its entirety.
Photographing Volcanic Eruption up-Close and Personal

While many of us are still experiencing travel blues as we're confined to our local areas, an Iceland-based photographer experienced a trip of a lifetime as he got to document a volcanic eruption occurring right in front of him.

Aaron Feinberg Captures the Landscapes of Hawaii

Everybody know's Hawaii can be a dream vacation. Aaron Feinberg shows us how beautiful it actually can be. In three days, he traveled around the island of Kauai and spent the best hours of the day photographing some of the most beautiful places of the island.

[Video] Ten Awesome Tips For Any Traveling Photographer

If you read Fstoppers, you might be a seasoned professional, or you might have just purchased your first camera and are eager to learn. Whatever your skill level, I'm sure that you've all been bitten by the travel bug at least once before, and as a camera owner, you've been inspired to bring home the best you can when shooting in a foreign location. A friend of mine recently sent me a video made by DSLR Traveler which is packed full of tips for anyone interested in improving their travel photography.

[Pics] One-Hour Exposures of Alpine Nightscapes

These stunning nightscapes were captured by German advertising photographer Michael Schnabel. He calls the series “Stille Berge” which is German for "still mountains." The images were taken in the Alps during the dead of night. It was so dark in fact that a one-hour exposure was required. At first glance they look a lot like film negatives, right?