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Heidi Klum takes you BTS on a German Vogue shoot

I have learned that there is often a lot to be gained by watching people being creative rather than simply being shown an interesting lighting setup or cool new technical gadget. This video will teach you nothing about lighting or photography in general but it gives you a good glimpse on how two of the industry's top creative people (Heidi Klum and Alexi Lubomirski ) come together to produce something really interesting. Click here to see the final photos (editorial/german vogue/2009/Heidi) along with some other amazing photographs.


Giuliano Bekor puts models near lions in the name of Fashion

Giuliano Bekor is a famous fashion photographer who has had various covers of Vogue, Elle, and Bazaar to name just a few. Today he takes us to "Africa" where BeBe is doing their summer 09 catalog with wild elephants, lions, and giraffes. This video is crazy but totally awesome! > /center>
Contest Entry: Hang Up And Drive

Doug Howell just submitted his BTSV for the contest. This video is short but it packs in the technical details! It's great to see the making of a real advertisement from start to finish. Please remember to give Doug some feedback below. >
Marc & Louis Photography Storyboard their bloody shoots

I was sent this video by Marie-Louise Cadosch of Marc & Louis Photography based out of Switzerland, and I was absolutely blown away by the attention to detail in their planning and preproduction. Their behind the scenes video "Bleed Like Me" is gruesome and not for the faint of heart but I doubt you have seen anything like it. And if you are thinking about our DSLR Contest, you may find some editing tricks for your own video. Click the link to find out how they shot and filmed this series.
Contest Entry: Zak Shelhamer Shoots A Motorcycle

Zak Shelhamer has just submitted his contest entry; a behind the scenes video of him shooting his buddy on a motorcycle. The shoot isn't complicated at all and that is why I love it. Zak uses a van, 2 lights, and a stick to create very compelling images. You can join the dialog about this video below in the comments or head over to his forum post here.
The PC Sync Cord Needs To Die

Why am I using digital SLR cameras and wireless radio triggers that are at the forefront of technology but I am also forced to use the PC sync cord which has been out for over 60 years. It never works and I want it to die. If you are on an iPhone click this article to watch this video on Youtube.
Pete Barrett Shoots A New Balance Ad (Update)

Here is a quick timelapse of one of Pete's latests commercial gigs. It is a bit difficult to see what he is exactly doing in terms of lighting but I am simply impressed by the complexity of this shoot. Look how many people are on the set! After you watch this video head over to his website and be prepared to be blown away. Check the full post to read a message from the photographer.

Behind the scenes on the New Balance photo shoot. from Pete Barrett on Vimeo.

Joseph Watts Shoots Tom Anderson

Joseph just sent this BTS video over to me. The video is lacking but the images are so good that I wanted to post this anyway. It is pretty amazing what you can do with a small softbox on a stick. You can view more details about this shoot and the final images here. >