Cadillac ATS Behind The Scenes:  Morocco's Most Dangerous Road

Some of the most interesting and exciting video footage often comes out of car commercials. The current ad for Cadillac's new 2013 ATS features some pretty awesome footage of the luxury sports sedan speeding down the winding roads of Morocco's Atlas Mountain. This stretch of road overlooking the Dades Gorge is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. So when director Jeff Zwart decided to test the ATS's Brembo brakes and limited-slip differential, he not only put the drivers in danger but also put a ton of camera gear in harms way. Full behind the scenes video in the full post

Von Wong's Epic Sunrise Band Shoot

I'm starting to wonder when Ben Von Wong sleeps... Not only is he constantly producing great work, but he is also constantly producing amazing Behind The Scenes videos to accompany them. In his latest video Ben takes us behind the scenes on his shoot with the band SX in Belgium. Limited to being able to shoot in just an indoor pool, he had to overcome the challenge of making it appear as if the band was outdoors, in water, at sunset.

Joey L Shoots Eric Nally From Foxy Shazam

Joey L has always been a photographer that I've looked up too, he's young, he's very good at what he does and he works with some of the best people in the industry. So, thats why I was excited to see a new video tutorial from his DVD Lara Jade VS Joey L. In this video, Joey shoots the lead singer of the band Foxy Shazam on a rooftop in Brooklyn and walks you through the entire process of shooting it.

Go Behind The Scenes With Brad Wilson As He Creates Incredible Portraits Of Live Animals

Brad Wilson, a commercial and fine art photographer who splits his time between New Mexico and New York, recently released this video of him shooting exotic animals in a studio. Take a look at how Brad works with giraffes, elephants, alligators and more to create breahttaking studio portraits of animals that are never seen in this environment. To be honest, the fact that Brad has the guts to get six inches from some of these huge cats to take their picture with studio lighting is just incredible.

Behind The Scenes Of Red Giant's 'Form 17'

Seth Worley, the director of ultimate short films, such as 'Plot Device' and 'Order Up' is back with another short film that he directed for Red Giant... 'Form 17'. The short film centers around a bomb defuser and his daughter while on a 'take your daughter to work day'. (Why couldn't my dad be a bomb defuser...or a unicorn whisperer?) In the behind the scenes look at the short film Seth goes over the writing process, the hectic filming schedule (aka: one day) and the post-production process. He also explains how he used PluralEyes from Red Giant to easily sync all of the audio.

Luchador Fighter Photo Series Using Only A Custom iPad3 And Snapseed

Earlier this year, I put together a fun campaign and photo series with my friends over at Nik Software. Nik wanted to find a way to showcase the abilities of my favorite iphone/ipad photo editing software (you can now use the app on your mac or pc as well), Snapseed. I pitched the idea of photographing different adventures using nothing but a mobile device and their Snapseed app.

Sequence 9 Shows The Beauty All Around Us

London photog, Dave Kai-Piper, is one of my favorite people in the fashion photography industry. He is talented, driven, kind and a blast to work with. I got to meet Dave and his close friend/assistant/videographer, Paul McKelvie in England last year while shooting video for a web series and the 3 of us have been good friends since. Their video "Sequence 9" is Dave and Paul's effort to show the beauty in all forms in the world around us by bringing together timelapse photography and what I can only describe as "BTS-Fine-Art-Fashion" videography. Be sure to check out Dave and Paul and enjoy the video!

Brittany McLaren Shoots "South For Winter"

In my last post I talked about how it's not entirely necessary to have an overly complex lighting set up at every shoot. In fact, it's more important to have an interesting subject lit simply, than to have something boring lit with a million lights. So, check out this great shoot from Brittany McLaren. Lit with only a beauty dish, and occasionally a big silver reflector Brittany has created some very dynamic images by combining simple lighting with an amazing location and some very cool costumes.

BASE Jumping For Pirelli's Annual TV Commercial - Behind The Scenes

Pirelli, known on this site mostly for their (NSFW) Calendar Photoshoots, also creates their TV spots with a high-level approach. Literally, this behind the scenes video shows the setup and production needed to capture skiers BASE jumping off of a huge cliff. How do Pirelli tires fit in? Check out the final cut of the completed video and you'll see how it all comes together. Spoiler Alert: They throw a car off of the cliff too!