Contest Entry: Andrew Roshka's "Out At Sea"
Andrew Roshka doesn't like to shoot the average portrait. Instead Andrew begins with an idea and a drawing. He then brings this concept to life no matter how complicated that may be. Check out this great BTSV on his very in depth shoot. bts Andrew Roshka - high res from Andrew Roshka on Vimeo.

Contest Entry: Lorand Peli Puts Models On Lava
Ok, not REALLY, but that was the concept for the shoot. I like this BTSV for 2 reasons. First, he has a concept. So many photographers just take headshots of girls and forget about coming up with any sort of idea or theme for the pictures. Lorand Peli planned this shoot out before he ever started and it shows. The second reason I really like this video is because the finished pictures are high quality. I have seen a few contest submissions where the concept is fantastic but the finished product falls short. Enjoy this BTSV while trying not to feel dirty with all of the "interesting camera angles."

Scott Wright Shoots Composite for McCann
Go behind the scenes with beauty photographer Scott Wright as he creates a print ad for McCann. There is no talking unfortunately but you can see that the lighting is fairly straight forward and I'm sure lots of work goes into the retouching afterwards. Check out the final image as Scott combines all the elements which make a typical ad you may find in a women's magazine.

Patrick Gosling's Playstation Composite
Patrick Gosling was faced with a problem: how do you create an image with more cars than you have available on set? This timelapse video proves that a little creative thinking can go a long way in creating an complex image without complex lighting. Click the post to read about how he did it.

Playstation GT Academy photoshoot from Patrick Gosling on Vimeo.

Douglas Sonders Shoots SWAT
Here is a very simple video of a very complicated photoshoot. I have trouble posing 1 subject but Douglas has to pose 7 guys, a truck, and a hovering helicopter. After turning day into night with Photoshop this is one successful shoot.

Swat Team Photoshoot - Douglas Sonders Photography from Douglas Sonders on Vimeo.

Aaron Nace's latest concept shoot is top notch
I just recieved a tip from one of our readers to check out Aaron's blog. I am so glad I did because not only is his photography fantastic; his behind the scenes videos are also interesting and informative. Check out his last shoot in the woods and then head on over to his website here. Behind the Scenes - Baxter from Aaron Nace on Vimeo.

Chris Benny Lights A Fire To Shoot A Dirt Bike
In this video Chris Benny shows us how he shot the cover for Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine. After you watch this professinoally edited video you should head over to his website at to view his unbelieveable automotive portfolio. View the full post to read a message directly from Chris about the shoot and to view the actual magazine cover with this image. If you like what you see then leave a comment below.

ADB Behind The Scenes from Chris Benny on Vimeo.

Do You Know Who Dave Hill Is? You Should
I have been following Dave Hill for years now and recently he was hired to shoot a picture series for the March issue of Digital SLR Photography Magazine. Dave has an amazing style to his photography; it almost looks like an illustration. Check out Dave's website here and check out snapshots from this shoot right out of the magazine on his blog here.

090417 Girl on an Adventure - Behind the Scenes from Dave Hill on Vimeo.