Spectacular Food Photography by Hannah Queen

If you're in the mood for food, take a look at these shots. They made my mouth water with the way the lighting, layout and processing has been executed. "Hannah Queen is from Georgia, USA, and her pictures have a touch of that southern sweetness. She loves photographing natural, comfort-rich foods, like fresh fruit and honey with tea. Her homey pictures make you want to live somewhere peaceful, start a garden, or just visit Georgia for a bag of peaches."

Unbearable! Photographer Drops Canon 70-200mm Lens Into Polar Bear Tank

There are times I have described the images taken with the Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS lens as scrumptious, but I was referring to the images, not the lens itself! German Photographers Marion and Dieter were taking pictures of a polar bear exhibit on a recent visit, and spotted Felix the Polar Bear enjoying an Image-Stabilized treat. How ironic is it that they were shooting with Nikons?

Splash Photography Makes Me Hungry For Fruits

Splash Photography is a very common type of photography in the commercial world and we see it around us all the time: in soft drink ads, as intro for cooking shows on TV or even in Cereal commercials. Here is a great collection of Splashing fruits - in water, cream or even beer - all found on Flickr. Also, make sure to watch the video to see how its done!

Food Looks Rad Under An Electron Microscope

Artist Caren Alpert, science lover and foody, has created an incredible series of photographs of food magnified at high powers. Her series entitled "terra cibus", Latin for land of food, shows a quite remarkable view of our bodies' fuel sources like we have never seen them before. Try guessing what each of these images are of, and then head to her site for the full description of each image in her gallery. Enjoy!

Julia Ziegler-Haynes Recreates and Photographs Last Meals of Death Row Inmates

The "last meal" is a well known segment of popular culture in the United States. We may not be all too familiar with the intricacies of capital punishment, but we all have heard of a last meal. Photographer and chef Julia Ziegler-Haynes found public records of last meal requests by executed inmates and meticulously recreated them in this series called "Today's Special."

Perfected Perspective Photography: Chef René Redzepi Recreated in Food

Marketing and advertising treads a fine line. Put too little into an initiative, and the audience never engages. Go too far, and it becomes cliché and unattractive. But if you can hit that perfect balance and walk that fine line, perfection can be truly beautiful. When the guys from Golpeavisa were tasked with shooting a cover photo of two-Michelin star chef René Redzepi for Premier Class Magazine, they walked that line with unmatched poise.

The Most Advanced High Speed Robot Used For Video Ever

Just when I thought I had seen it all I was sent this incredible video by one of our readers. The Marmalade, a special effects studio in Germany, has created an incredible high speed robot used to film precise moments during ultra high frame rate takes. The results look so perfect that I thought I was watching CGI at first. Even if you aren't into robots you will want to watch this video for the most stunning macro videography I've ever seen.

[Review] The Brand New Really Right Stuff Pocket Pod

When I caught wind that the tripod masters at Really Right Stuff were about to release a new product, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I love new gear. Because it had not even finished final production yet, they unfortunately could not send me a brand new one in time to satisfy my desire to see it. However, they didn't want to disappoint and instead sent me the prototype! Score! Let’s take a look at the TFA-01 Pocket Pod.

Celebrated Food Photog Marcus Nilsson Dishes on Shooting On-Camera Flash, Tilt-Shift Lenses, and Why He Hates Sandwiches
Marcus Nilsson thinks outside the box. A former chef, Nilsson stumbled into food photography and ended up being one of the photographers who shaped our contemporary approach to cuisine. Today, Nilsson is still pushing that envelope (with on-camera flash, what?!), and regularly works for some of the world’s top foodie magazines, including Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Martha Stewart Living, Details, Esquire, Everyday with Rachael Ray, the Food Network, GQ, and Travel+Leisure. Check out the full FS Spotlight interview below, where Nilsson dishes on shooting on-camera flash, tilt-shift lenses, crazy Mexican market foods, and why he hates sandwiches.

[FS Spotlight] Lisa Hubbard Keeps It Interesting: Chic, Playful Interiors and Still Lifes
When photographers think about their dream shoot, it usually has more to do with Angelina Jolie and a Ferrari than painstakingly positioning a piece of cooked cauliflower. Shooting interiors and still lifes can be notoriously difficult. And when done poorly, it can be downright boring... which is why I love photographer Lisa Hubbard and her work. Hubbard’s work is fresh and quirky, with a style and sense of humor that never gets old. Her impressive list of clients, including Anthropolgie, Absolut, Bon Appetit, Burberry, Kmart, and Martha Stewart, certainly agree. Check out this week’s FS Spotlight with Lisa Hubbard to get the scoop on her life as a successful interior and lifestyle photographer.