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'Watchtower Of Turkey' - Quite Possibly The Most Compelling Film You See This Year

How are you getting people to look at and engage with your work? This is something we all have to think about constantly in today’s visually saturated market place. It’s why it’s all the more important to look at – and learn from – those producing stunning and engaging work. Let me introduce you to Leonardo Dalessandri, and his latest project “Watchtower Of Turkey”, a video that he worked on over the course of a year and quite possibly some of the best visual media you’ll see in 2015.

Understanding Makeup to Become a Better Photographer

We often hear how much makeup can impact the final result of a photo shoot. It can either make or break a picture depending on its quality. A great makeup artist can save you tons of time in post while a bad one will add many hours to your job. However, working with a great makeup artist doesn't necessarily mean you will get what you need. If you cannot communicate properly, his work might not suit you, and neither will the resulting pictures. Educating yourself on some of the makeup basics can save you from this kind of situation.

 Scrim It and Light It - How to Photograph in Hard, Direct Sunlight

Learning to find the perfect light is something that takes time and experience. But what do you do when the perfect light isn't there? Shooting in hard sunlight isn't always the most flattering or ideal situation. Don't settle for less than ideal results, bad light doesn't have to mean bad images. In this tutorial you'll learn how to defeat hard light by scrimming and lighting to completely reset your lighting conditions and take control of your shoot.

Using Toys To Satisfy My Client's Seemingly Impossible Request

When a client came to me and asked if I could do a composite that featured a dragon, my first response was, "Of course, no problem. This is going to be so much fun!" Immediately following the conversation, reality set in and the haunting feeling that I had bitten off more than I could chew began to overwhelm me. After a momentary panic episode, I promptly began racking my brain on how I was going to pull off this impossible feat. Luckily in the end, creativity prevailed!

Master Studio Lighting For Products, Beverages, and Glass In This 2-Day Workshop - Only A Few Spots Left

This May Rob Grimm from PRO EDU is hosting two workshops in the Bahamas designed to build your knowledge of studio lighting & compositon for food, beverage, & product photography. Come spend a week with us building images and learning the ins and outs of the industry, working with clients, pricing, and everything in between. Th best part is that you get a $1,000 gift certificate to PRO EDU to re-take the classes and master post-production.

Why 'We'll Fix It In Post' Doesn't Work And Is Dangerous For Your Photography

Ever hear someone say “Don’t worry, we can fix it in post”? This is increasingly both a still photography and motion ‘issue’. We’ve become so accustomed to having the digital tools to ‘fix’ our work, most people see it as a normal part of the process. For personal and business growth, this mindset is like asking to be blindfolded and then getting directions to the nearest minefield. Fixing things in post should not be a standard approrach as it's asking for trouble. Here’s why, and more importantly, what you can do about it.

Vincent Laforet Adds Las Vegas to His New High-Altitude Series Along with Lofty Goals for Social Interaction
After the New York City debut of his new project, Vincent Laforet unveiled photographs of Las Vegas from a helicopter at an altitude of 10,800 feet, 7,500 feet above Sin City. This morning, Fstoppers caught up with Laforet to shed some light on the new project including the gear used to shoot it, technical limitations, and even some interesting goals for the piece.

Get Thee to a Goodwill: How Buying a 35mm Point and Shoot Will Change Your Photography

I'm not one prone to hyperbole. I don't easily get caught up in gear hype. However, I can whole-heartedly say that my decision to purchase and shoot with a little army of film point and shoot cameras early last year was easily the best decision I made for both my personal work and my own growth as a photographer. When I say that picking up a $20 camera will change your life and your photographs, I mean it – and other photographers agree!

How to Create a Super Easy White Backdrop Lighting Setup

Shooting on a clean white backdrop can be one of the more complex in-studio lighting setups around. Properly exposing for full lengths while giving your models room to work can require four or more extra lights and considerable amount of setup time. While taking the time to take care of the details is important for getting the perfect image and saving yourself hours of retouching on the back end, sometimes you just want to get a nice clean background without the hours of prep.

Stop Holding Out And Share Those Images

Photography, for many of us, is a very personal ambition. As with any art form we pour our blood, sweat, tears, and heart into every project be it a paid or unpaid venture. Many of us put so much emphasis on the success of our creations that we are afraid to share them with the world. Many great pieces of work go unseen because of this irrational fear we hold.

Setting Up a Successful Headshot Session: Part 3

One of those most important parts of any portrait sessions is what happens after the shoot is over. In the last part of this series I want to talk a bit about the end of your photo session, and how you can ensure you have a happy client that will not only come back for more but will tell their friends how awesome the experience was. Almost every day I get a call from someone asking me to advertise on Google. I simply reply “no thank you” as I don’t feel that Google can compete with word of mouth. As I have mentioned in first part of this series, word of mouth is one of the most powerful advertising weapons you have, with the ability to grow your business exponentially. This will be a bit different for everyone, but I think you can take this and apply it to any type of photography session you do.