Natural Light

John Chiara's Camera Is The Size Of A Truck
Check out John Chiara's home made camera; it's so big he had to build it inside of a trailer! If you thought it was tough getting out and shooting, you now have no excuse after you watch the amount of effort put into making these images. /center>

Tim Shepherd Spends 2 Years Photographing Plants
When I first saw this video I was completely blown away. Using timelapse and high speed photography, Tim Shepherd and David Attenborough produce some stunning footage of plants growing over the course of 2 years. Check out this crazy video produced by the BBC /center>

Sam O’Hare makes NYC looks small
It is amazing what creative professionals are doing with their cameras. Sam O'Hare blew my mind today with his short NYC video called The Sandpit. I thought I knew how he created this but was completely wrong. Take a guess then click the link to read about how it was really shot.

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

Dominique Daher Talks About Shooting Wind Surfing
Dom Daher is an extreme sport photographer. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have to shoot commercial photos while avoiding crashing waves and aggressive surfers then this video should wet your appetite. /center>

Eric Bradshaw Goes All Out With His Island Fashion Shoot
Our good friend Eric Bradshaw told us about a shoot he had in the works and we knew that we had to document it. An island, a team of 15, and 5 beautiful models... What more could you ask for. More info and a youtube version after the jump.

Danica Patrick shoot for Shape Magazine
If you are like me you may have first come across Danica Patrick during the Superbowl for one of those ads. Most people probably know her best as an Indy Car racer or Nascar driver. Here she is in a behind the scenes video for the cover of Shape Magazine. This video has it all: Girls in bikinis, classic rock, large scrims, infinity pools, and lots of behind the scenes footage! Now only if we could have heard a little from the photographer during this really fun photoshoot.