The Sexy Bottle Shoot- How to Photograph Glass

Alex Koloskov has had a few of his behind the scenes videos featured here on fstoppers. In this charismatic behind the scenes video, Alex takes the photography assignment of shooting some liqueur bottles in an attractive way and walks us through his set up. His in depth explanation of the lighting and staging process gives you a great understanding of how he got his final "sexy" shot.

The 1986 Apple Clothing Collection

Why did Apple create a clothing collection in 1986? I have no idea. But I'm sure glad they did, because it allowed these photos to happen. I'm having a hard time deciding exactly which one of these shots is my favorite. They're all dripping with attitude. I assume that in the years following, these clothes trickled through attics and thrift stores until they eventually landed on the backs of hipsters. Which means that they are being worn once again with the attitude captured in these photos.

Making Your Own Bokeh Shapes

Bokeh is the out of focus or blurry areas of a photograph. The wider the aperture a camera is shooting on, the softer the Bokeh is. In this cool DIY video, Matt from Make Magazine, shows an easy way to add a little flair to your pictures by creating custom shapes for your bokeh. Although everyone seems to break out this technique with stars and hearts around Christmas time, as Christmas lights are a great light source for this technique, here are a few more creative examples.

Christian Stoll's Futuristic Wide Angle Images

Here's a gorgeous set of images from photographer Christian Stoll called, appropriately, "Epic". He has an impeccable portfolio. What appeals to me the most is the composition of each frame, and his use of cool, desaturated color. He photographs worldwide print campaigns for IBM, Microsoft, and General Electric. Other clients in this series include Wired Magazine, BMW Magazine, and DB Schenker.

Flickr Spotlight - Faceless Portraits

No, relax, you're not going to see photos from recent zombie attacks (maybe next week?). Its just awesome looking faceless portraits. A face without eyes, mouth or a nose is not just weird, it also takes away any personality from the photographed person, which makes the photos even more special and unique. So, which is your favorite?

May's Best Facebook Group Photos

Sorry for the delay this month folks! I was traveling the Inland Empire (Idaho). That said, it's time to answer the question many of you wait patiently for every month: Who impressed us with the best images uploaded to our Fstoppers Facebook Group? Which images brought the most discussion? Which images were mind blowingly stunning, but went unnoticed? Take a look, because once again you all proved just how talented you are.

Unseen 1980s Photos of Staten Island by Christine Osinski

Photographer Christine Osinski took these images of Staten Island in 1983 and 1984. Back then she was shooting with a Linhoff lens on a 4×5 camera. I'll admit, my experience in Staten Island is limited to a few rides on the ferry. But there is something so captivating about this series. These are ordinary people, living their lives in what could be any town in America. But they are in fact, residents of New York City's 'forgotten borough.'

Behind the Scenes: James Mollison Shoots Portraits at a Kenyan Refugee Camp

James Mollison is known for his photojournalistic portraiture. He often photographs his subjects in front of a white backdrop, and then presents the final portrait next to a picture of the persons's living conditions. In this video, he'll speak about his previous projects; but you'll also get see him in action. He goes to a Kenyan refugee camp and captures some beautiful and somewhat disheartening images of the inhabitants.