Flickr Spotlight - Striking Images Of Rainbows Around The World

Photos of rainbows tend to look cheesy and kitschy, and people usually "abuse" the pictures with tons of crazy editing and heavy HDR effects to make it look cooler (and fail). But - when doing it tastefully, the results can be breath-taking - and breath-taking are exactly the kind of images we collected here for you. Check out all these amazing photos from all around the world and let us know which you liked the best in the comments!

Smoking Kids Portraits by Frieke Janssens

I was really taken aback when I came across this series of images by Frieke Janssens. They're so incredibly striking, and I imagine it's difficult to look at them without being affected in some way. The video shows some behind the scenes footage, and ends with the clip that inspired the entire series. Here's an excerpt from Janssens' website, where she explains the inspiration for the project

NASA Creates Unintentional Art While Testing Space Suits

In the days before computer modeling, testing, and digital everything else, NASA had to come up with some pretty clever solutions to test and record results for their multitude of space programs. Using long exposures and creative light setups, they were able to record the results of their testing on their most technologically advanced space suits. And the result?

Unbelievable Liquid Flower Photography Takes Patience, Dedication, Artistry

At the beginning of the year we brought you a post featuring Jack Long's Fluid Sculptures but since then Jack has taken his already impressive technique and made it even more amazing with his latest series, Vessels and Blooms. Jack not only seems to be growing fluid flowers but his mastery of his craft as well
Jack Long: "Wanted to advance my fluid suspension/high speed photography to a higher level

Gigantic Living Grass Portraits Created with Photosynthesis

I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like this before. The England-based artistic collaboration of Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey (a.k.a. Ackroyd & Harvey) have been creating large grassy portraits with the use of photosynthesis. They exposed the grass to the sun through large custom-made negatives, creating different tones from yellow to green. It's a breathtaking concept that I would love to see in person.

 Flickr Spotlight - Light Stenciling Is The New Light Painting

We all know the classic way to light paint photos, usually with a flashlight or a similar light source, but recently a new technique came to life: Light Stenciling. The idea is simple - instead of moving a flashlight in the frame to create shapes, you use a computer display (iPads, iPhones, Laptops) to add characters and items to the image by placing a graphic on top of a black background. The results are really awesome, so check out some of the best stencils we could find on Flickr.

Want to Sell Something on Craigslist? Make It Look Amazing.

As photographers, we all are pretty familiar with the idea that imagery sells product better than any snazzily written paragraph could. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So why is it that most craigslist ads either have no photos, or have really terrible images? I'm the first to admit my photos have minimal effort thrown into them when I make a Craigslist ad, which is probably why I still have my old drum kit. Well this guy knows how to make a great ad, because his 1991 BMW 318is looks freaking amazing.

The Making Of An Automotive Magazine Shot-Explained Visually By Scott Dukes

Have you ever been going through the magazine rack of your local book store and just stood staring at the cover of a car magazine? No? Ok, well maybe that's just me. But when I see a photo of a blazingly fast sports car clinging to the corner of a race track it certainly piques my interest. Even if you aren't a "car person" chances are you have at least wondered how these cover shots are made.

Urban Landscapes of Japan, Shot with Multiple Exposures

Here's a beautiful set of images from German photographer Stephanie Jung. They are multiple exposures of four Japanese cities - Tokyo, Osaka, Shibuya and Nara. If you were to just glance at them, you might think they are sketches. Each frame captures so much movement. And in my opinion, these urban scenes are very appropriate for the process. I couldn't find any technical information, but I'm a big fan of the resulting images.

Your Best Eclipse Photos

Yesterday all along the Pacific and from Japan to Texas, many of us got to experience a solar eclipse of varying intensity. Of course, it's hard to not want to photograph such a rare occasion, and some of you did a darn fine job of it! Let's take a look at some of the best solar eclipse photos that you all captured.