[Pics] Shattering Figurines at the Moment of Impact

These images of crashing porcelain figurines were created by German photographer Martin Klimas. He set up the camera so that the shutter would be triggered by the sound of the crash. The fighters fell 3 meters (almost 10 feet) to their destruction. The result is dynamic and beautiful. What strikes me the most is that the compositions appear to be so intentional. As far as I'm concerned, you can't go wrong with stop action images of stuff crashing and/or exploding.

[Pics] A Visual Series Encompassing The Love For Literature

Photographer Joel Robison, also known as Boy Wonder, expresses a love for literature with this series. It's a visual representation of being lost in a novel. He includes his love for coffee and brings it all together in the end. What else could be better than getting lost in your favorite novel with a great cup of your favorite beverage? These pictures remind us of that feeling so well. Now I suddenly feel like reading again.

[Pics] Intriguing And Classic Shots From Photographer Rodney Smith

Photographer Rodney Smith cannot be defined by any set of words no matter how much anyone tries. This Yale graduate is not just intelligent, he is also an artist. “He's adamantly analog”. There's a definite level of intrigue when you take a look through some of his work. Forget about words, check out a brief collection of his work. Although a number of you may be familiar with his work, for those of you who are not, you're in for something special.

[BTS Video] Nike 'Be Free' Photo and Video Shoot

I just came across a couple of behind the scenes videos from Nike's 2011 'Be Free' campaign. I love the movement and simplicity of color in these images. They were inspired by the idea of being suspended in time, floating in an elevated reality. I'm sure this is what I would instantly feel like if I donned all of this Nike gear. French art photographer Denis Darzacq shot the stills. The mini-film was directed by British photographer/film-maker Barnaby Roper, see the BTS and final version below.

[Pics] Modern Military Portraits on Tintype

I'm fascinated by this series of military portraits by Melissa Cacciola. As the earliest photographic processes become more and more rare, it's refreshing to see a series like this one. These photographs capture more than just the person's image. At the risk of sounding cliche, it feels as if we're getting a glimpse into the subjects' heart and soul. She photographed each of them in uniform, and in their civilian clothes.

[Pics] Mysterious Glass People Found in Scotland Forest

These invisible figures are the creation of artist Rob Mulholland, and unlike the Invisible Mercedes, they don’t use LED mapping or a DSLR. They are in fact, glass sculptures made out of a material called Perspex which distorts reflections of the nearby area. Looks like something out of a certain 1980’s Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Hit the jump for images of this interesting, but also creepy project.