Post Production

FS Contributor Blair Bunting to Speak for Apple on Oct. 12

This Friday in Scottsdale, AZ Fstoppers Contributor Blair Bunting will be speaking at the Apple Store about how their products make his life easier. This includes workflow, travel, editing, advertising on the iPad and iPhone photography (which we have proven can be pretty awesome). Blair is seeing this as more of a free workshop of sorts and will be glad to answer any and every question asked. Not in AZ? Not to worry! Blair will also be answering your questions via Live Tweet.

Um, Awkward ... Celebrity Gender Benders

Yeah so, gender bending ... this is a thing. Apparently it's a pretty dang popular thing that creative's (without much else to do) are doing with celebrity portraits. Worth 1000, just finished a contest on their site that had hundreds of submissions for this twisted genre of photoshoppers. Do yourself a favor, click through to the full post and enjoy the beauty that IS Gender Bending!

Ikea Saudi Arabia Photoshops Women From Catalog

A few weeks ago you may remember Ikea's attack on product photography. Today news has spread that the Saudi Arabia franchise has photoshopped all females out from catalogs distributed throughout the Islamic nation. Women aren't the only ones being censored, however, as even glasses of wine have been transformed into less offensive "festive cups". What does Ikea have to say about the post processing changes found in their catalogs?

Letting The (Chalk) Dust Settle: BTS Of Chalk Warfare 2.0

When I first heard of Chalk Warfare I instantly thought of an office war setting or perhaps a battle of the blackboards, but the people over at SoKrispyMedia blew me away with the effects in this fun and quirky short film. It was shot by 16-year-old (you heard right... 16), Sam Wickert and buddy Eric Leigh with a Canon Rebel t2i with a Rode Videomic. Post production was done in Adobe After Effects and Video Co-pilot. Consider me impressed boys, consider me impressed.

How To Create Your Very Own 3D Image

We featured a few weeks ago with a behind the scenes peek of her very classy Enchanted Forest shoot. Now she's back with a very handy tutorial on how to create your own 3D image entirely in post using Photoshop. Using the channels palette and the warp tool she creates some pretty cool looking 3D images. Watch the easy tutorial and try it out for yourselves. When you're done post the results back here.

Amazing Free Textures for Instagram'ers

For those of you out there who love creating art with your cell phone and using Instagram to share it - I got a great freebie for you! A few weeks back I wrote a feature article highlighting the work of photographer/digital artist Merek Davis. The guy is insanely talented and in addition to creating art on his camera and computer he has also been stunning Instagram users all over the world with the art he has been creating on his phone. As a big thank you to all of those that support him there he has put together a couple packs of free textures (Mextures) to share with everyone.

Victoria's Secret Models Pre-Angel-Era

Coined as the "Pre-Angel Era", Victoria's Secret was quite modest compared to today's Angels. Besides the furry slippers, unusual carpet and sleeping dog, there is a noticeable difference between these images and what graces the covers of their current catalogs. Naturally, editing skills have improved tremendously but it's crazy to think how far this brand has come since the 70's. Now we're questioning whether the editing is too aggressive. Either way, I think these images probably appealed to both sexes during those years just like they do today.

 Intensive Photoshop Workshop With Lesa Snider

If you weren't able to attend Photoshop World don't worry because creativeLIVE has teamed up with internationally acclaimed speaker and author of "Photoshop CS6: The Missing Manual", Lesa Snider. In this 3-day intensive workshop, Lesa will spend each day going over photoshop selections, adjustment layers, and smart objects. Lesa's workshop has already began however there are still 2 days left to tune in to her free-to-watch workshops.